What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

NLP is a form of conversational therapy that optimizes the way you organize and utilize your thoughts and feelings. NLP is a way of thinking about the way you think, which can change the way you feel about the way you feel.

The most important part of this work is usually changing an attitude, not solving a problem, because how you are thinking about your problem is your problem more than you think your problem is.

Often NLP is referred to as a “pattern interrupt”. My job is to gather information, identify resources, and help you disrupt negative patterns.

The beauty of NLP is that it’s about process not content. It’s not about what the details of your problem are; it’s about how you do your problem. We won’t sit there like in traditional therapy and make you go over every detail of your problem session after session. I’m far more interested in discovering the way your problem manifests itself, so that we can interrupt that pattern and install new behavioral strategies. We won’t work on your stuff; we’ll work through it. We will learn your process then I will guide you to a new process. I will show you what your thoughts and feelings consist of, and then I will offer you the choice to change, (because if you don’t have choices, you can’t make them).

As the name suggests, a big part of Neuro-Linguistic Programming is understanding the power of the words you use to create your reality. Optimizing the language of your thoughts can help loosen your grip on, and blur the lines of your problem. I will help you to recognize and eliminate the limiting presuppositions in your internal and external dialog. We will analyze how your words and internal representations distort your worldview, and then we will install a clearer, bigger picture. And the best part is that you can’t unsee the bigger picture!

Another big part of NLP is goal setting, because having no goal means having no direction. Once your problem is gone you need a placeholder in the future to direct your newfound energy like a laser beam. NLP can help you discover what you want to achieve in life, and it can align your values with that goal.

As a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming I’m in the business of changing what you’re like. I ask you what you need more of and I give it to you, but in truth you do everything to yourself (with my help). NLP is not a do-to but a do-with modality. The responsibility for change rests with the individual. The more energy you put into the change-work the more the change will work.

NLP is extremely useful for:

Identifying and interrupting destructive behaviors

Breaking old thought patterns/loops

Curing phobias/Overcoming fears

Smoking cessation

Changing bad habits

Quieting ‘the voices’

Releasing anger, sadness, frustration, fear, guilt


Panic attacks / Anxiety

Helplessness and hopelessness

Changing the way you feel about something/someone

Addiction / Obsession

Installing new and beneficial behaviors and attitudes

Personal development/Self-mastery

Turning procrastination into motivation

Setting goals

Empowering change

Attitude adjustment

Gaining confidence

Parts integration

Energy enhancement

Forgiveness of self and others

Deep relaxation

Releasing emotional blocks

Relationship enhancement

Sales skills

Stress management

Ultimately NLP is not about what you get but who you become. So invest in the best in you! Set up a session with me today, and GET RIGHT NOW!