Noah’s Ark – Part 2 (After the Flood)

Here it is kids! The exciting conclusion to The Myth of Noah’s Ark!

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Noah’s Ark – Part 1

In this episode of BIBLE STORIES WITH MORGAN we will take a good hard look at the worst children’s story EVER… Noah’s Ark and The Great Flood.

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God does not have genitalia

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Bible Stories with Morgan! (The Garden of Eden)

The myths we live by determine the world we live in. This myth has made a mess of western culture from day one. It is time for society to see this story for the socio-political fairy tale that it is, and so I have critiqued this shameful fable line by line.

This is the first of many “Bible Stories with Morgan!”

Strap in…

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Women in the Bible (Full)

Here are parts 1,2, and 3 of my Women in the Bible Series. I implore all of you Jewish and Christian women to watch this. I hope it changes your mind. If not, and you want to argue against the points that I make in this video, you should realize that you are actually arguing with the Bible itself, not me. I am just quoting from the Bible.

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Women in the Old Testament

More of the same misogynistic bullshit.

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Women in the Torah

Oy vey! The torah hates women. Wake up ladies!

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Women in New Testament

Christianity does not like women. And I will use the Bible to prove it.

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What the F–K is a “Spiritual Gangster”?!

Seriously. There is a ridiculous brand of yoga clothes called Spiritual Gangster. I have been wanting to say something about it for a while. That day has come.

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My Revelation

No I am not talking about my revelation as in the book of Revelation, the schizoid final book in the Bible. (Someone should have told John of Patmos, the author of the book of Revelation, not to eat the brown acid.)

I am talking here about my personal revelation after having written all of these articles. It is quite simply this…


That’s right. My big revelation is that Yahweh is really Satan, the great deceiver himself. If you look at the Bible and Judeo-Christian mythology from that angle it all makes perfect sense.

(Full disclosure, this was not a recent revelation for me. I figured that shit out when I was still in junior high school. But after researching and writing all of these articles it has become even clearer to me than ever that the God of the Bible is really the Devil in disguise.)

And to be perfectly clear, I do not believe in either the God of the Bible or the Devil. To me they are both just two sides of the same worthless coin.

I am not the first person to realize that the God of the Bible is evil. Many people throughout history have come to the same obvious conclusion.

As early as the 2nd century the Gnostics said Yahweh was an evil god. They referred to him as the Demiurge. Based on their readings of the Torah and other Biblical writings, the Gnostics concluded that the material world was created by an ignorant emanation of the highest God. They believed this reality was designed to trap the divine spark within the human body. They believed that Yahweh created the Earth for his own depraved pleasure. He tricks us into believing he is God and then he demands that we worship him on pain of death. The earth was seen as a deliberate prison for its inhabitants. (The Matrix?)

The Gnostics believed the divine spark within each of us could only be liberated by gnosis of this divine spark. Gnosis (pronounced no-sis) means knowledge based on personal experience. Gnosis in a spiritual sense means having a direct experience of the divine. (That means no middleman, and no more second-hand God. Which is why the Church hated the Gnostics and tried to exterminate them.)

Believe it or not, there is something in the Bible itself that suggests Yahweh is actually Satan.

Here is an interesting “coincidence” that points to the fact that the people who compiled the Bible were hinting that Yahweh is actually the Beast from the book of Revelation. Let’s compare Revelation 13:16 to Exodus 13:16 (Notice that they are the same chapter and verse numbers.)

Revelation 13:16 says, And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads.

In this verse of Revelation we learn about the infamous “Mark of the Beast”. This verse tells us it is a mark on the hand or on the forehead. In the end times no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. (There are many today who see universal ID cards in the computer economy as the actual Mark of the Beast, but that is an article for another day.)

I would like to point out that Revelation 13:15, the line prior to the one quoted above, says that anyone who …would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. The line just before the one that mentions a mark on the hand or forehead is all about thousands of unbelievers being slaughtered. Just keep that in mind for later.

OK, now lets look at Exodus 13:16 And it shall be for a token upon thine hand, and for frontlets between thine eye, for by strength of hand the LORD brought us forth out of Egypt.

I know it kind of sounds like Ye Olde English gobbledygook, but I will translate it to modern English for you. In this passage of Exodus the Bible speaks about a mark that is placed on the hand or between the eyes. (A frontlet is an ornament worn on the forehead.)

So here we have a line in Exodus (the second book of the Bible), with the same chapter and verse number as the one in Revelations (the last book of the Bible) saying virtually the same thing. But it gets even weirder. Remember the line before the one in Revelations spoke about how anyone who did not believe in the Beast would be killed? Well check this out.

The line before the one in Exodus just so happens to say this. Exodus 13:15 And it came to pass, when Pharaoh would hardly let us go, that the LORD slew all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both the firstborn of man, and the firstborn of beast. Therefore I sacrifice to the LORD all that openeth the matrix, being males; but all the firstborn of my children I redeem.

Holy shit! It’s another line that speaks about the slaughtering of unbelievers. It speaks of how God’s angel of death killed thousands and thousands of innocent men, young men, and male babies during the 10th plague in Egypt. That is the moment that the Jewish holiday of Passover celebrates. It is when God’s angel of death “passes over” the children of Israel when he is slaughtering the firstborn males in Egypt. And God didn’t just kill all of Egypt’s firstborn male humans; he killed all the firstborn male animals as well. He killed thousands (if not millions) of innocent animals, but he didn’t kill any of the Jewish animals. How nice for them.

And speaking of killing the firstborn. This passage is known as The Consecration of the Firstborn. Did you notice the phrase “Therefore I sacrifice to the LORD all that openeth the matrix, being males?” These are the actual words in the King James Version of the Bible. “Opening the matrix” means coming out of the womb, and what this passage is telling Jews to do is to honor God’s slaughter of the innocent firstborn males and animals of Egypt by continuing to sacrifice every firstborn male, whether animal or human, to Yahweh. That in itself is fucking evil, but the fact that all of the firstborn sons of Jews are to be “redeemed” (aka. not killed) makes it even more evil.

Is it just a coincidence that the lines in Exodus and Revelation about marks on the hand or forehead are so similar? Is it just a coincidence that the lines before those lines both speak of slaughtering thousands of unbelievers? Or is someone trying to tell us that Yahweh is really the Beast of Revelation?

(Again, I do not believe in any of this shit, but it is interesting to see these parallels within the Bible itself.)

The fact is, I really don’t need to get all DaVinci Code about the Bible to point out “clues” that Yahweh is Satan. The Bible if full of blatant examples of his outright evil.

During my “40 Days of Rage of Reason” I have made it a point to site my references and quote chapter and verse as I made my case against the Bible and its God. I have written nearly 40 articles about the bullshit in the Bible and so I will not go too deeply into the details of it all again here. Nor will I bother quoting chapter and verse as I give you a greatest hits of God’s despicable deeds in the Bible. Look at this list from the perspective that God is actually the Devil and it will all make perfect sense.

– God refused to forgive Adam and Eve for eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil even though they couldn’t have known that they were doing something wrong until after they ate the fruit. They were literally innocents, and yet God chose to punish them.

– God didn’t just punish Adam and Eve for their “sin”, he punished all of mankind throughout history until this very moment. (God loves to punish innocent people for “the sins of the father.”) He made men have to work hard to put food on the table and he made childbirth painful for women. He made it so women would have to “bring forth children in sorrow”.

– God manipulated Cain into killing his brother Abel. He played favorites and rejected Cain’s offering of fruits and vegetables. God wanted animals to be killed for him. Something living had to die. God wanted blood to be spilled, and so that is what Cain did for him. He killed his brother after the very first religious ceremony worshiping the God of the Bible. Then rather than punishing Cain for killing his brother, God put a mark on him (The Mark of Cain) which meant that if anyone killed Cain, God would “avenge him sevenfold.”

– God made the world and filled it with plants, animals and people, and then he decided that he didn’t like the way things were going so he created a flood that killed every plant, animal and human on the planet except for eight Jews that worshiped him.

– God made a covenat wherein he promised the “Promised Land” to Abraham and his descendants even though other people were living there already.

– God demanded that the physical manifestation of this covenant with him would be the genital mutilation of infant boys.

– God tested Abraham’s obedience by getting him to strap his son to an altar and cut his throat. God stopped Abraham at the last minute, like it was all some sort of sick joke.

– God destroyed entire cities. Sodom and Gomorrah to name just two. Clearly every single person in those cities was not wicked. The children, toddlers and infants weren’t evil, but God personally killed them all anyway.

– God rewarded Jacob for lying, cheating, and stealing his brother’s “rightful” birthright to the Promised Land.

– God killed all of the firstborn males in Egypt rather than just kill the Pharoah.

– God made a list of Ten Commandments for how to run society. The first four of which were all about how to worship him. Breaking those laws was punishable by death.   (“Thou shalt not kill” wasn’t even in the top five.)

– God chose one race of humans (the Jews) to be his “chosen people”, and then he set them at odds with the rest of the world.

– God ordered the genocide and ethnic cleansing of any cultures that did not worship him. He demanded that his chosen people murder every single man, woman, child, infant, and “suckling” who wasn’t Jewish. He also ordered that all trace of those cultures be completely destroyed and wiped from the face of the earth.

– God wanted blood poured all over the altars where he was worshiped.

– God saw that humanity was working together with one mind and one voice to build great things (like the tower of Babel,) so he scrambled the language of humanity and created confusion where once there was unity.

– God made a bet with “Satan” that if he let Satan ruin Job’s life Job still wouldn’t curse God. God not only let Satan torment Job (his favorite human at the time), but he also let Satan kill all of Job’s children as well.

– God wants to be feared, not loved. (And somehow it is a good thing for someone to be considered “God fearing”.)

– God not only condones slavery, he gives you rules on how to purloin and punish your slaves.

– God treats women like property.

– God says that his name is Jealousy.

– God decides to fix what’s wrong with the earth he created by having his only (and firstborn) son brutally tortured to death.

– God creates a place called Hell where anyone who does not believe in him will burn forever.

– God demands that you eat his son’s flesh and drink his son’s blood in remembrance of him.

All of that is conclusive evidence in the Bible that proves Yahweh is a fucking evil, and yet somehow he has managed to convince billions of people that he is the God of Love. Who else could pull something like that off but the father of lies, Satan himself?

And Yahweh has even gotten us to demonize the one person who attempted to overthrow his hateful reign. No not Jesus. Lucifer. Lucifer is reviled as the enemy of God and Goodness, but this lie is based on the false premise that the God of the Bible is actually good, which he clearly is not. Lucifer was really a good guy. He tried to make a stand against God’s theological tyranny, and for his rebellion he was sent to work in hell forever. (Again, to be clear, I believe these are allegories. I do not believe in Lucifer either.)

Remember in the Garden of Eden when the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was being kept from Adam and Eve? Remember why God kicked them out of paradise after they ate the forbidden fruit? According to God it was because after eating the forbidden fruit they became “like gods” themselves, and Yahweh, the Demiurge couldn’t have that. So he kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden before they could eat the fruit of the Tree of Life and live forever.

In this story Lucifer (the snake) can be seen as a liberator. He actually told Eve the truth. God had said that if they ate the forbidden fruit that they would surely die that same day. But after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit the Bible says that “their eyes were opened”, and they ended up living for another 900 years. So clearly God lied. He wanted to keep their eyes closed. It was Lucifer that set Adam and Eve free from the prison of ignorance their jealous God had kept them in.

Lucifer means “bringer of light”. Does that sound like an evil person to you?

Like any fascist dictatorship, God wanted to control information and keep his people ignorant of what was really going on. Educated, self-aware people are the enemy of both the church and the state.

Lucifer broke Yahweh’s monopolistic dominance over the control of information. (This is the same reason why Magic Mushrooms are illegal. Psychedelics engender gnosis or direct communication/communion with The Universe, and The Powers That Be are powerless in the light of these “self revealing” substances. They wake people up. They pop people out of The Matrix. And among other things, they help people see that religion is the most insidious form of slavery, because it is slavery without chains.)

Lucifer was a hero who was punished for standing up to Yahweh’s monstrous megalomania, but unfortunately Lucifer has been portrayed as a demon, and some deluded people even worship him as such. And so good is evil and evil is good.

The God of the Bible is Satan himself, hiding in plain sight.

He is responsible for starting all three Abrahamic religions, and their dogmatic ridiculousness has made an undeniable mess of humanity’s history. All the while this “omnipotent” God allows the world to devolve into more and more factions, tribes, and religions that continue to kill people in his name. He could just come down and clear all this up, but he allows it to go on and on. Why? Because he loves the bloodshed, that’s why. He fucking loves it! Every religious killing is a blood sacrifice to him. And I’m not just talking about Christians killing Muslims, or Muslims killing Jews. I am also talking about Catholic Christians killing Protestant Christians, and Shia Muslims killing Sunni Muslims. They are all sacrifices to the evil bloodthirsty God/Devil of the Bible.

Think of all the people in history who have been killed in Yahweh’s name. It is both staggering and sickening. Imagine how great the world would be if there was no Yahweh. I’m not saying the world would be perfect. I’m just saying it would be better. How much farther might humanity have progressed by now if there were no Church, or no Dark Ages?

The Bible has billions of people on earth unwittingly worshiping the Devil. They are giving time, and thought, and energy, and blood, to this extremely evil entity. Billions of “sheeple” have been brainwashed into believing up is down, black is white, and that the God of the Bible is good.

That’s the reason why I have done all this. My goal has been to shine a light on this dark bullshit. People who have never been religious already know this but, once you pull your head out of Jesus’ ass you can’t not see the evil inherent in the whole thing.

The truth is you really you don’t need me to tell you any of this. All you have to do to is compare the Biblical body counts of God vs. Satan and the case is closed. The numbers, (unlike Yahweh) don’t lie.

Low estimates for the amount of people Yahweh is responsible for killing in the Bible are over two million. (Look it up.) These are the explicit deaths that are actually accounted for in the Bible. That number does not include the implied deaths in the Bible. For example, the Bible does not mention how many people were slaughtered when God destroyed entire cities, it doesn’t mention how many of the firstborn males in Egypt were killed during the 10th plague, and it doesn’t mention how many innocent people’s were lives were ended when God intentionally killed everyone on earth during the Great Flood. When you count the implicit deaths in the Bible at the hand of Yahweh his body count soars to over 20 million.

And how many people does the Bible say that the Devil killed? How many people does the Bible say were actually killed by Satan? (Drumroll…) Ten.

That’s right Satan killed ten people in the Bible. (They were all the children of Job whom God gave Satan express permission to kill in order to win a bet.)

So, on the extreme low end, the Biblical body count looks like this:

God – 2,000,000

Satan – 10

God is basically Keyser Söze from the movie The Usual Suspects. He pretends to be all sweet and harmless like “Verbal” Kint (or Jesus). He looks you right in the eye and sells you a story all about what a cold-hearted, manipulative psychopath the bad guy is, but when you finally put the pieces together you realize that the bad guy was him all along.

At the end of the film, Verbal famously paraphrases Charles Baudelaire when he says, “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.” I disagree.

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he was God.

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