I came across this cover of People magazine the other day. On the cover is a picture of the grandson of the Queen of England. He has just completed one rotation around the sun.

I have a question… so freaking what!??!?

Seriously, didn’t we fight a war of “independence” against the British monarchy? Wasn’t our country founded after supposedly winning a war against King George? And now the future King George is on the cover of America’s weekly pop culture rag!!!

The only thing that makes this baby more “special” than any other baby is the fact that this baby has been raised from day one to believe that he is somehow better than everybody else because he was lucky enough to be born into the most successful family of murderers and pirates on Earth.

How can people in America give half a shit about the future king of England’s bath-time tantrums?  But then again, anyone dumb enough to read people magazine probably doesn’t know enough about anything to think twice about it. I am embarrassed to live in the same country as the people who read this crap.