Of all the things that I’ve written about which I find unacceptable in the world this is one of the most distasteful and disgraceful. I can’t believe that I even have to take a stand against the involuntary genital mutilation of anyone at any age, let alone a newborn baby. It upsets me greatly that I live in a world where I have to say for the record that mutilating a newborn baby’s genitals is wrong.

If you are an adult and you want to modify your penis then by all means go right ahead. Who am I to stop you? It’s your penis do whatever you want with it. Split it down the middle and tie it in a knot for all I care. But as far as I’m concerned infant circumcision is a human rights violation. End of story!

However, this is just the beginning so strap in. This is going to be a long article because it addresses the topics of religious nonsense, the medical industry’s greed, and society’s overall insanity. Let us begin…


I don’t remember the actual day I found out that Santa Claus wasn’t real. Perhaps my little child-mind has blocked out the memory as a way of protecting me from the emotional trauma and shock of learning that my parents and society in general had lied to me for my whole life. In the same vein I do not remember the day I learned that I had been circumcised, that a piece of my penis had been cut off without my consent. This is surely another time when my child-mind was trying desperately to forget and protect me from the horror and outrage I felt at such an intense offense to my person.

I grew up in Los Angeles during the 1980’s thinking my penis was normal. Whatever smut I happened to see made me think that everyone had a penis like mine, (circumcised and huge), but then I think I saw some kid in the locker room in high school and I thought to myself, “Is that what dicks look like naturally? So what happened to me?!”

Don’t get me wrong, I like the way my dong looks. Its mine and I love it. There is nothing I can do about it so I am moving on with my life, but I do wonder how it would feel to have the penis I was born with. I wonder what it would feel like to have all of the nerve endings that some doctor removed without my permission. Those were my nerve endings and it was no one’s right to cut them off but my own.

Why?! That is the question. Why on Earth would someone do something like cut off the nerve-rich protective sheath covering the head of an infant’s penis? The three main reasons given for this institutionalized atrocity are: religious, medical, and societal. Lets take a fairly objective look at these “reasons” shall we?


We well start by examining the religious reasons for what I call “circumstition”, (circumcision + superstition = circumstition).

Where did the concept of religiously branding a baby boy by removing his foreskin come from? Big surprise! It comes from the Bible. Circumcision is thought to have originated in ancient Egypt as a way of marking slaves, (We will come back to the slave thing in a moment), however the Old Testament is the first place where we find the ritual of circumcision as a religious mandate.

Long before the Ten Commandments it was the very first commandment. “Thou shalt be circumcised!”

The whole thing began as a covenant between YHWH (the god of the Old Testament, aka Jesus’ dad) and Abraham, (the common ancestor of the three great Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.)

Genesis 17:9-14 says: Then God said to Abraham, “As for you, you must keep my covenant, you and your descendants after you for the generations to come. This is my covenant with you and your descendants after you, the covenant you are to keep: Every male among you shall be circumcised.  You are to undergo circumcision, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and you. For the generations to come every male among you who is eight days old must be circumcised, including those born in your household or bought with money from a foreigner—those who are not your offspring. Whether born in your household or bought with your money, they must be circumcised. My covenant in your flesh is to be an everlasting covenant. Any uncircumcised male, who has not been circumcised in the flesh, will be cut off from his people; he has broken my covenant.”

(I’d like to take a moment right now point out Yahweh’s outright condoning of slavery. Remember, this is the same God who famously goes on to free his people from bondage in Egypt, but clearly he has no problem with his chosen people buying and owning slaves from other countries. God’s only problem with slavery is if your slaves’ foreskins haven’t been cut off in his name. OK, back to our regularly scheduled de-programming.)

Genesis 17:23-27 goes on to say: “On that very day Abraham took his son Ishmael and all those born in his household or bought with his money, every male in his household, and circumcised them, as God told him. Abraham was ninety-nine years old when he was circumcised, and his son Ishmael was thirteen; Abraham and his son Ishmael were both circumcised on that very day. And every male in Abraham’s household, including those born in his household or bought from a foreigner, was circumcised with him.”

(Again, we find this supposedly sacred text making it a point to let everyone know that slavery is perfectly acceptable in God’s eyes. It’s all good just as long as Jehovah gets his piece of penis. The God of the Bible sounds more like the Devil to me, but that’s another article.)

Anyways, imagine if you will a 99 year-old man in the desert 4500 years ago…circumcising himself. Now Imagine a god who goes to all the trouble to create the universe, the stars, the Earth, plants, animals, and people; then for some reason he decides to choose one particular group of people over all the others to be his chosen people; and then he then tells his chosen ones that in order for him to be truly happy he needs them to cut the foreskins off their penises.

(Insert comedic record-scratch sound effect here)

If cutting off a part of your reproductive organ is the symbol of your covenant with your god… what does that say about your god? And what does that say about you?

What kind of person would do such a horrible thing to themself or their child because God told them to? Oh yeah, someone like Abraham. Lets not forget that Abraham is the guy who was going to murder his son with a knife because God dared him to as a test of faith. Doesn’t it seem a little suspicious that good ol’ Abraham, the guy who was gonna stab his son for God, ended being the same person to let the world know about God’s demented demand for circumcision? Seriously, a guy who hears a murderous voice in his head and is willing to kill his son in cold blood is a psychopath and should be locked up. Anything Abraham supposedly said can only be considered the words of a crazy person. Do not listen to him! Least of all if he’s telling you to mutilate your genitals, or your children’s genitals for God.

Besides, are we to believe that God can’t tell his chosen people from the lesser races without checking out their penises? That’s redickulous! Nevertheless Jews believe it to be true. Here are a few more fun facts about Jews and circumcision.

Fun fact #1. If a father does not have his son circumcised, the son is obligated to have himself circumcised as soon as he becomes an adult, or suffer the penalty of kareth, which is spiritual excision. In other words, regardless of how good a Jew he is in all other ways, if he is not circumcised he will be “cut off” from society. As if that wasn’t enough, he will also suffer the extinction of his soul after death and be denied a place in the world to come. No big deal.

Fun Fact #2. Circumcision performed by a regular physician does not qualify as spiritually valid regardless of whether a rabbi says a blessing over it, because the removal of the foreskin is itself a religious ritual that must be performed by someone religiously qualified.

Fun fact #3. If the child was previously circumcised without the appropriate religious intent or in a manner that rendered the circumcision religiously invalid, a symbolic circumcision may be performed by a rabbi who takes a pinprick of blood from the tip of the penis.

Remember, this is what the almighty God of the Bible demands that you do if you want to stay on his good side. You better have one of his pious vampires make your penis bleed for him or you are off the team, forever.

And speaking of blood, what about Christianity?

Christianity takes a rather relaxed stance on circumcision. It must be said that I believe this was not through any change of heart from the bloodthirsty, slavery condoning, penis obsessed God of the Old Testament. It wasn’t even due to anything Jesus is said to have said. (In fact Jesus never directly states that any of his father’s bigoted rules no longer apply. This includes the rules about the subjugation of women, killing gay people, or owning slaves just to name a few. But once again I digress.)

It was Paul the first evangelist who while bringing his new religion to the world realized that it would be hard enough for this spinoff of Judaism to spread without telling people that they had to mutilate their genitals, especially since the Greeks abhorred circumcision. Paul told people that turning from sin and relying on Jesus’ work on the cross makes Christians “circumcised of heart”, so they didn’t have to be circumcised of penis. Instead of circumcision Christians settle for what I call “circumfixion” (circumcision + crucifixion = circumfixion)

To be clear, Paul did not speak out against circumcision, he was not trying to stop it from occurring. He was merely interested in anything that would help Christianity spread more easily so he took it upon himself to decide that God’s explicitly stated covenant was no longer mandatory. Without the compulsory penis mutilation Christianity was able to grow more popular and become what it is today, Judaism-Lite.

And finally there is Islam, (he says looking over his shoulder for murderous fanatics with no sense of humor). Since Islam is also an Abrahamic religion it too requires the covenant of circumcision, and nearly all Muslim men are circumcised. It is interesting to note that Islam bases this perverse practice on the exact same verse in the Old Testament quoted above, Genesis 17:9-14.

The Jews and the Muslims have been locking horns for centuries, they are the religious version of the Hatfields and McCoys, but both sides of this bitter and seemingly endless ideological war mutilate their own penises in the same way, for the same reason, and for the same god. Read that last sentence again. Maybe at the next middle-east peace negotiations they should all just drop their pants and wag their penises at each other approvingly. If that can’t bring them together then what can? And the more I think about it the more I realize there is probably a direct correlation between the violence that has plagued these two tribes throughout history and the brutality with which they treat their own penises.

If Abraham’s insane threats did not convince you of your desperate need to maim your newborn son, here comes the American medical industry…


Medical circumcision is a surgical procedure that amputates the prepuce, aka the foreskin. It should be noted that the foreskin is not just some tiny flap of skin. In a grown male the foreskin measures 15 square inches. In newborn babies the foreskin is almost half of the penis as I am sorry to show you in these heartbreaking after and before pictures.


This “harmless” procedure causes PTSD, depression, anger, low self-esteem, shortening of the penis and problems with intimacy. Not to mention complications of the amputation itself, which include infection and sometimes death. Nevertheless, here are a few of the reasons doctors give for circumcision. (Somehow the majority of these surgical rapes are performed by obstetricians. Wrap your head around that.)

They say… you have to remove the foreskin because its sooooo hard to clean a baby’s penis, but this is both stupid and untrue. The newborn foreskin is perfectly designed to protect the head of the penis and keep feces out, (as you can see in the photos above), that’s why we evolved to have it in the first place. The prepuce is actually fused to an infant’s penis by the same kind of tissue that keeps your fingernails attached. It separates naturally between the age of 3 and the end of puberty, but during infant circumcision the foreskin has to be pried off the penis with a blunt object before it is amputated.

They say… intact penises get smelly because of smegma, (huh huh, I said smegma), but the fact is both males and females make smegma, it’s natural, it serves as a lubricant and guess what, if you wash your penis properly it wont stink.

They say… it will protect you from cooties. The former Director of the Center for Disease Control Thomas R. Frieden actually says circumcision is a good way to protect yourself from HIV. But bear in mind this is the same guy who when he was New York City Health Commissioner once said it was acceptable for Jewish men to suck the blood from baby penises they have just circumcised, even if by doing so those men might infect the baby with potentially fatal adult herpes. (I’m not kidding. See my article Genital Mutilation, Sucking Baby Dicks, and Ebola for more info.) The best protection from STDs including HIV can be accomplished simply by wearing a condom. There is no mutilation is necessary.

The most up-to-date research has refuted all the other bogus justifications for permanently damaging a newborn baby’s penis. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a policy statement in 1999 saying, “There is not sufficient scientific data to recommend routine newborn circumcision”.

Newsflash! The foreskin we are born with is there for a reason, in fact it’s there for many reasons.

The foreskin protects the glans, (the head of the penis). The glans is meant to be an internal organ, but circumcision forces the glans to adapt to being an external organ, thus drying it out and desensitizing it.

The foreskin also has sexual functions for both men and women. It protects, it lubricates, and it’s filled with nerve endings that enhance the pleasure of both partners. There are many who say that intact men are more sensitive sexual partners simply because they have more nerves and therefore don’t have to thrust so hard just to feel anything.

Regardless of the fact that the foreskin is packed with nerve endings some doctors actually have the nerve (pardon the pun) to say the procedure itself doesn’t hurt because babies wont remember, or don’t feel pain. Some doctors claim the babies just go to sleep, but they actually go into shock, which is the body’s natural reaction to extremely intense pain and stress. It’s too horrible for them to deal with consciously so they pass out. It’s too much to even think about. But I want you to try anyway.

Just picture him. There he is, a healthy newborn human male. He is fresh out of the greatest place ever, the womb. He has no concept of pain. He is living in a blissed-out state of Buddhahood, with one foot in each world as if he were waking from the ultimate dream… and then someone takes him from his mother, straps him to a table and hacks off one of the most sensitive parts of his body. (Welcome to Earth!) I am not being dramatic when I say THIS IS TRAUMATIC!

Seriously, take a moment now to think of what a trauma like that does to a baby’s pristine nervous system, immune system, and mind. This pure human has just arrived on the planet and already he has been brutally attacked. His vessel has been violated, and to make matters worse, not only does he no longer have trust in the world around him, he has just had his first (and possibly worst) experience of pain and fear. He has the newfound realization that “the world will hurt me and I am powerless to stop it”.

Newborn babies should be drinking their mother’s milk in peace. They should not be drinking their mother’s milk with PTSD while trying to keep the wound on their genitals from getting infected. (Do I even have to say something like that?!)

And for those of you who still think it’s no big deal. I dare you to Youtube a video of a newborn baby being circumcised. I repeat, this forced removal of healthy genital tissue from a helpless baby is a human rights violation.

This atrocity first became popular with doctors in America during the prudish and neurotic Victorian Era, when boys were circumcised to deter them from masturbating. Those doctors knew very well that circumcision desensitizes, and disables the penis. Soon there were claims that circumcision cured epilepsy, tuberculosis, eczema, headaches, and hysteria. All of which has been proven to be false.

Medical circumcision was popularized in recent times by cereal magnate John Kellogg. Tony the Tiger’s dad embarked upon a crusade to eliminate the evil of masturbation through the two-pronged approach of feeding young boys Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and amputating their foreskins. Today the reasons given for circumcision have been updated to play on contemporary fears, but bullshit still smells the same no mater what year it is.

If medical circumcisers were really motivated purely by health considerations, the procedure would have died out long ago, along with leeching, and skull drilling. The fact that they keep making up new reasons to do it suggests that the desire to circumcise comes first, and the “reasons,” are made up later. But if there is no compelling medical reason to perform these surgeries why do some doctors still insist on doing it? Perhaps it is because there is big money to be made off tiny penises.

Sadly, in America Circumcision is the most common surgery performed on males. The average cost is around $700. If a doctor performs just three circumcisions a week they and/or the hospital stand to make over $100,000 a year.

Aside from the money paid to doctors and hospitals for performing this grim procedure, there is money to be made in harvesting foreskins as well. Infant foreskin is one of the best sources for fibroblasts (a piece of skin used to grow new skin cells). Fibroblasts are used in the medical industry for skin grafts and skin transplants. One baby foreskin can apparently be used to make $100,000 worth of fibroblasts, but the former owner of that foreskin never gets his cut. (Pun intended). You can actually buy a frozen milliliter of foreskin here for $599. What a racket! The medical industry charges the parents for the procedure, and then they turn around and sell the foreskins to big pharma for big bucks.

But that’s not all folks! Foreskins are also used in cosmetics. Believe it or not, there are face creams that are made with foreskins. One of those creams is endorsed by Oprah Winfrey and it costs $270 per ounce. Another company is even hoping to replace Botox with injections of fibroblast foreskin cells to the face.

Unfortunately it’s not surprising that these businesses are lining their pockets with foreskins, but these doctors who perform circumcisions should know better! Doctors are sworn to “First, do no harm.” but instead it’s one of the first things they do.

As the great Penn Gillette once said to doctors who perform circumcisions… “Put down the knife. Step away from the baby. And DO NO HARM.”

The worst part of all this is that the first major trauma to occur to this beautiful newborn human is not only unnecessary, it is inflicted with the parent’s consent, or worse it was the parents decision. Too often these decisions are being made by parents without an educated perspective. These decisions are not being made from a rational place, they are being made from an emotional place. If only parents would just step back and think about it objectively they would see the madness inherent in such a heinous act. Part of why I am writing this is so that future parents can make informed choices, and not make decisions out of ignorance and fear.

Speaking of ignorance and fear, that finally brings me to American culture.


It is painfully obvious that we Americans live in a culture that dislikes the body. We are obsessed with discontent and infatuated with the so-called sins of the flesh. From the Old Testament to pop-culture we are taught self-loathing as a way of life. So, sadly some parents these days don’t circumcise their sons for religious or medical reasons; they actually do it for what they think of as traditional or aesthetic reasons, aka to be “cool”.

Some mothers do it just because that’s what they are used to. It’s what their husband’s penis is like, and they like the way it looks. Some fathers do it simply because they (and their friends) are cut, and that’s “just what people do.” These are parents whose main consideration when deciding to scar their son for life is cultural normalcy. Ultimately what these parents end up teaching their sons is that conformity to peer pressure is a good thing no matter what the cost.

Many parents are primarily motivated to commit this irrevocable deed by the fact that they just don’t want their kid to get laughed at by bullies in the locker room. “Oh I don’t want my son to be different. I don’t want all the other circumcised boys to pick on him”. Let’s face it, judging someone by the way their penis looks is a dick move. Why would you even want your son to fit in with that kind of crowd? I am here to tell you that circumcising your son is not a cure for your own insecurity; it is a disastrous manifestation of it.

As far as aesthetics goes, many women (and/or men) in America today prefer the way a circumcised penis looks. They don’t even know that they are sacrificing function for form, or quality for style. Most of these people have probably not seen very many natural penises and so what is out of their usual experience seems weird to them. They like what they know because they have rarely seen another kind. It is purely a matter of taste. Ladies (and/or fellas), are you telling me that a natural penis doesn’t do it for you? That you prefer men to be maimed for your aesthetic pleasure? That seems pretty messed up to me. In my eyes, when it comes to reasons for infant circumcision aesthetics is the ugliest of them all, because ultimately it is just about fashion. It is at best a fetish. If an adult chooses to do such a thing to themselves, then so be it. But to do that to a helpless child for any reason is a crime of the worst kind.

Who would do such a thing? Who would allow such a thing to happen?

My parents for one, that’s who. In writing this I decided to ask my father (whom I love) who’s big idea it was to circumcise me, and why? He told me he didn’t remember. He shrugged his shoulders and said it was for “hygiene” or something.

Hygiene?! You’re telling me that a doctor told you can’t teach your son to clean his penis so its better to just cut part of it off… and you believed him? Really? It takes a lot longer to brush one’s teeth than to wash one’s privates but doctors aren’t pulling out baby teeth. It’s too hard to wash behind the ears so perhaps we should just chop those off while we’re at it. You might as well say that to keep kids from picking their noses we should sew up their nostrils. Sugary foods cause disease so how about if we cut off the tip of babies’ tongues to keep them from developing a taste for sweets? And since we are lopping off supposedly useless bits of infants, why don’t we cut off male nipples while we are at it? You know what, lets just chop the baby’s head off, then we will have prevented him from getting every disease ever known.

I was shocked that my father couldn’t remember why he let someone circumcise me other than it had something to do with hygiene. I told him I forgive him for letting someone take a piece of me for no good reason. There’s no use crying over spilt foreskins, but I will do what I can to stop anyone I know from doing it to their kids. It’s funny that all of my friends who have had kids have had girls, and this topic hasn’t come up in my life. I have not had the chance to stop one of my friends form doing such a foolish thing. That is why I have written this, to educate as many people as I can before they make mistakes that can’t be undone, before they rob their sons, and their son’s lovers, of the experience of having a natural penis. If by spreading some knowledge I can stop one baby boy from being brutalized this will all have been worthwhile. I also want parents who have circumcised their sons to realize how they have deprived their child. I want them to be aware of the terrible severity of what they have done. My intention has been to shine a light on this dark subject, and I hope this fairly objective look has shown you how unfair and objectionable circumcision really is.


If you are about to have a baby please do not perform this ungodly and unnecessary ritual amputation on them. Leave their perfect little body and mind intact. Bring a complete child home from the hospital. Raise an intact son. And if your son comes home to you one day and says some boys in the locker room made fun of his penis for being intact, you can let him know that you chose not to cut off part of his penis without his consent. You tell him that you left the decision to remove a useful and extremely sensitive part of his penis up to him. And he will thank you for it.

If your child grows up and as an adult decides to have his foreskin taken off then that’s his choice to make. Parents do not have the right to mutilate their children for any reason. It’s time to end this trend.

The good news is that in America since 1980 the national circumcision rate has dropped significantly. The decline is due in part to the fact that in some states Medicaid and other insurance companies are no longer covering the procedure, and thankfully more and more doctors are realizing that the gruesome act of depriving a child of his foreskin is unethical.

The decline in circumcisions is also due to the growing awareness of female genital mutilation in other cultures. The awful things that are done to female genitalia are being seen as comparable to what Jews, Muslims, and Americans do to male genitals.

To mutilate any newborn baby’s reproductive organ, to inflict such intense trauma on a pristine mind, body, and soul for made-up religious reasons, spurious medical reasons, or social norms is just plain wrong, and it must be stopped.

Please help promote genital autonomy and integrity. Become an “intactivist”. And if you don’t want to fight on the front lines, please support anti-circumcision groups such as: