Spent Spectating


When I was a younger man I loved watching sports. I watched football and basketball regularly. I used to love my teams and I would make it a point to catch as many games as I could just like a good fan should.

Then my football team the L.A. Raiders left to go back to where they came from and once again became the Oakland Raiders, (or as I like to call them, the Chokeland Traitors). So I stopped watching football on a regular basis, and lo and behold I had 16 beautiful sunny Sundays in which to enjoy my life.

I still watched basketball though, and for many years I loved to watch the Lakers play, partly because of the game but mostly because that was when I would get to hang out with my friends. Eventually however, for one reason or another I fell off the bandwagon, and stopped following basketball as well.

It’s a bit of a drag to not see my friends as much, but I sure have had a lot of fun doing other more productive things with all the time I would have spent spectating.

And speaking of time spent spectating, check this out…


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Circumcision Can Suck My D!ck

Of all the things that I’ve written about which I find unacceptable in the world this is one of the most distasteful and disgraceful. I can’t believe that I even have to take a stand against the involuntary genital mutilation of anyone at any age, let alone a newborn baby. It upsets me greatly that I live in a world where I have to say for the record that mutilating a newborn baby’s genitals is wrong.

If you are an adult and you want to modify your penis then by all means go right ahead. Who am I to stop you? It’s your penis do whatever you want with it. Split it down the middle and tie it in a knot for all I care. But as far as I’m concerned infant circumcision is a human rights violation. End of story!

However, this is just the beginning so strap in. This is going to be a long article because it addresses the topics of religious nonsense, the medical industry’s greed, and society’s overall insanity. Let us begin…



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Spring in full swing

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Spring has sprung!

Today is the Spring Equinox. I celebrated it by spending time in my garden and appreciating how everything is blooming and blossoming and blowing up. It is truly a joy to be able to experience growth in this manner. And I must say that it is no accident. It takes a great deal of time and effort to tend a garden and keep it beautiful, but this effort is never work for me. It is not a task, it is a privilege, it is a labor of love and so it is the easiest thing in the world. Here is a guided tour of my glorious garden on this beautiful first day of Spring.

Today I also went to the Winter Solstice sculpture, The same sculpture I observed the Winter Solstice at this past December. The reason I went to a Winter Solstice marker on the Spring Equinox was to actually see how far the sun has travelled along the horizon on its way from Winter to Spring. It was a beautiful thing to see the proof that we are on a planet spinning around a star. It was a joy to have a tangible experience and understanding of what seasons really mean.

Here is a picture of the Winter Solstice sculpture catching the sunset on December 21st.

IMG_1463 copy

Here is a picture of the sun setting on March 21st.


You can clearly see how far north the sun has travelled on its yearly path. It will go the same amount farther north until it reaches the Summer Solstice where it will stop and begin its trip south along the horizon. The sun will then end up back in the same place it is today on the Vernal Equinox, and eventually it will end up back inside the sculpture on the Winter Solstice. How magnificent the cycles of life are.

May your Spring be full of fulfilled intentions and new growth.


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I came up with a new way to skate. I LOVE the bike path by my house but I was getting a little bored with just speed skating so I threw in some juggling / dribbling, or as I like to call it Driggling.

Driggling is something that I have done for almost 15 years. With the help of director Larry Clark (Kids, Bully, etc.) and some other good friends I have finally put it on film. I am currently shoping the concept to ad agencies for $trictly arti$tic rea$on$.

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The Winter Garden part 4

I have not written a post lately because (among other things) I have been preparing to perform my one-man show tomorrow.

Savior Self poster


I have not been too busy to tend the Giving Garden though. It is doing wonderfully. Here it is as of February 19th 2015

It is going to be a bountiful Spring. I have planted many seeds that are about to blossom into fruition.

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The Winter Garden part 3

Here it is as of 1-15-15

I gave it a thorough pruning and cleared up a bunch of debris. I added some brussel sprouts, some carrots, and potatoes. The purple cauliflower is blowing up, and so are the best strawberries in the world.

I remain eternally grateful for this chance to experience life and growth in a place of peace and love.



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The Winter Garden Part 2

Such a blessing!

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The Winter Garden

As the seasons continue to turn the garden slowly changes. It has been a particularly HOT winter so far, and much of my winter veggies are a little behind schedule. But we finally got some rain today! THANK GOD!!!

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3 things to spend money on

My grandfather has given me some great pieces of advice over the course of my life, and this is one of the greatest.

I have given this advice to my clients throughout my career, and I have seen it help some of them greatly.

Here it is…

Spend good money on three things: your bed, your shoes, and your chair.

It seems like just good ol’ fashioned common sense, but the best advice usually does.

Don’t skimp on your bed, your shoes, or your chair because you will spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, 1/3 of your life walking or standing around, and 1/3 of your life sitting down.

It is simple, and it’s useful, and it has done me right. I hope it serves you well as well.

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