Spent Spectating


When I was a younger man I loved watching sports. I watched football and basketball regularly. I used to love my teams and I would make it a point to catch as many games as I could just like a good fan should.

Then my football team the L.A. Raiders left to go back to where they came from and once again became the Oakland Raiders, (or as I like to call them, the Chokeland Traitors). So I stopped watching football on a regular basis, and lo and behold I had 16 beautiful sunny Sundays in which to enjoy my life.

I still watched basketball though, and for many years I loved to watch the Lakers play, partly because of the game but mostly because that was when I would get to hang out with my friends. Eventually however, for one reason or another I fell off the bandwagon, and stopped following basketball as well.

It’s a bit of a drag to not see my friends as much, but I sure have had a lot of fun doing other more productive things with all the time I would have spent spectating.

And speaking of time spent spectating, check this out…


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Merry Darthmas!


Before things get too crazy with all the Christmas celebrations I wanted to write a short article to say let’s remember how beautiful it is that a child could be immaculately conceived. Let us hold in our hearts the memory of this precious and special person who was the product of virgin birth. I am speaking of course of DARTH VADER, everyone’s favorite genocidal maniac.

Most people in their efforts to forget what a cinematic abortion The Phantom Menace was seem to have forgotten that Aniken Skywalker aka. Darth Vader was immaculately conceived.


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F B I see you

Maybe it’s because I have learned so much about the mind, the unconscious mind, and the ways that the media attempts to manipulate us, (or maybe it’s just because I have a clear head and eyes that can see), but I have become hyper-aware of how downright ridiculous our culture and media have become.

I have written articles about how different productions use similar images in their advertisements (see Billboredom, and Billboredom 2: The Billbordening), and I have written articles about offensive gun-laden movie posters, (see I call bullshit on this,  F–K you Hollywood, and Dreamy grandpas with guns). This article will be a combination of the two.

I live in Santa Monica where there are thankfully very few billboards. However, recently I drove across town into Hollywood and was subjected to the usual assault on my senses and sensibilities.

During my drive I couldn’t help noticing that a majority of the billboards were about the FBI. Four separate productions were advertising their new FBI dramas. (It seems we are meant to be so busy watching the FBI that we forget the FBI is watching us). I saw well over 25 billboards for each one which means that my subconscious was bombarded with the word FBI over a hundred times on one little drive to Hollywood and back.

First and foremost was Quantico.



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Prove Your Humanity

This is what it has come to.

In order for me to sign into WordPress and write this blog I have to enter my email, then I have to enter my increasingly complicated password, and then finally I have to prove my humanity.

proof 1

Lets be clear here. Proving your humanity apparently consists of solving a first grade math problem.


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The menu is not the meal


“The menu is not the meal”. This is the great Alan Watts’ way of re-stating Alfred korzybski’s famous quote “the map is not the territory”.

As humans, everything we know of the external world comes to us through our nervous systems. Our senses interpret the data coming in from the outside world, and we then create a world in our minds based on that information.

The words that we have in our minds which label things in the external world such as “chair”, or “apple”, or “god” are just that, they are in words in our head. They are how we internally represent external objects and events.

Words are like maps, in that maps are representations which by their very nature have to generalize, and distort, and delete information. A truly accurate and detailed map of Los Angeles would have to literally be the size of Los Angeles, with every detail of Los Angeles included within it. It would in fact have to be Los Angeles itself.

Simply put, words are not the objects they describe. The miracle of language is an abstraction, a construct, that tends to get mistaken for reality itself.


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Melioristic Teleology


(The following is a letter that I wrote in 2011 to Rodney Mullen, skateboarding pioneer, and all-around genius. I was fortunate enough to have him recommend several books to me once upon a time. Those books were How Is Quantum Field Theory Possible? by Sunny Y. Auyang, The Anthropic Cosmological Principle by John D. Barrow and Frank D. Tippler, and A Mind Awake by C.S. Lewis.

WARNING! What you are about to read is verbose to say the least. The two scientific books are highly technical and had many words in them that I had to look up. I have used some of those big words in my writing below. Perhaps as you read this you will have fun learning some new words yourself. This letter started off simply as a book report but became a detailed description of my philosophy of personal spirituality.)

As you know…

There are a number of remarkably unlikely structural coincidences, large dimensionless ratios in combinations of micro/macrophysical parameters, curious tokens of divine artifice, and/or accidents of physics and astronomy, upon which our own existence crucially hangs.


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Altar Ego

I wrote this poem on a single sheet of loose-leaf paper in 1993, at the age of 19.

Altar Ego

My name is Infinity.
I am the playground of the gods.
I am the defier of the odds.
I am where everything has room to grow.
I give light somewhere to go.
Killing time is my only crime.
My grandeur is as sublime
As the world behind your eyes.
My scope is as blatant
As the stars that fill the sky.
I am the cause and effect
Of the unchanging change.
I make reality
And its twisters
So wonderfully
Painfully beautifully strange.
I keep science guessing.
Their curse is my blessing
Allowing for the progressing of thought.
I hold the answers to every question you’ve got.
I am the future and the past.
My gift to you is the present
I am eternal.
I am never.
All and nothing are my realm
Where I am king.
Excited uncertainty
Is the feeling that I bring to life
That keeps it all interesting.
I dwell between numbers.
I live the impossible death.
I know no walls.
I am free
Within me.
My name is infinity…

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UFOs ?

I was never much of a UFO enthusiast. Part of me had always believed that not all UFO sightings/encounters are fake, but I never put too much thought into it. Then I found myself taking a lot of pictures of the sky in an effort to document the chemtrails and sylphs I was seeing so often. That’s when things got weird.

I was showing some pictures I took to a good friend of mine and he saw something other than clouds floating in the sky. Here is that picture.


And here is the picture zoomed in.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 8.26.18 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 8.49.44 PM


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What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

NLP is a form of conversational therapy that optimizes the way you organize and utilize your thoughts and feelings. NLP is a way of thinking about the way you think, which can change the way you feel about the way you feel.

The most important part of this work is usually changing an attitude, not solving a problem, because how you are thinking about your problem is your problem more than you think your problem is.

Often NLP is referred to as a “pattern interrupt”. My job is to gather information, identify resources, and help you disrupt negative patterns.

The beauty of NLP is that it’s about process not content. It’s not about what the details of your problem are; it’s about how you do your problem. We won’t sit there like in traditional therapy and make you go over every detail of your problem session after session. I’m far more interested in discovering the way your problem manifests itself, so that we can interrupt that pattern and install new behavioral strategies. We won’t work on your stuff; we’ll work through it. We will learn your process then I will guide you to a new process. I will show you what your thoughts and feelings consist of, and then I will offer you the choice to change, (because if you don’t have choices, you can’t make them).


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Behind Your Eyes

Here is another little poem I wrote back in 1994

Behind your eyes
And between your ears
Is where you’ve been lost
For all these years
Restricted by fears
Drowning in tears
Dying to live
Before you’re dead.

Everything ever is
All in your head
Yours to do with
What you choose.
If you play the game
Know how to lose
That is how you win.

You must look
At how you look
That you might see
All there is
To do
Is be
And the only way
To be
Is free.

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