The geniuses in Hollywood are at it again!

Check out these two billboards for two separate shows. They are both black and red with white channel identification at the lower right, and they both share the same dark hooded figure either representing a stalker or a killer.


Sons of Anarchy season7 billboard

They are so similar its ridiculous. The dinguses in the fear mongering industry appear to not even be trying to be original anymore.

But whats worse is that these are the kinds of images everyday Americans have crammed down their unconscious minds every day. All day and night on the streets of America people are seeing hooded killers stalking them. Over and over. Time after time. Day after day. No wonder they are all so afraid.

Billboards should be illegal. Put up real art instead. Either that or we should all be getting paid to have to be subjected to this barrage of insidious influence our whole lives. They should be paying us for the right to advertise to us.