In this video I point out the OY!lephant in the room.

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Here are links to the articles mentioned in the video…

Jewish attitudes toward non-jews:

The 613 Commandments:

What is Judaism:

Are Jews a race?:

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There is a lot wrong with the story of Lot

It’s time for another exciting episode of Bible Stories With Morgan!

In this episode we look at the story of Lot. Are you a fan of rape and incest…and even more rape? Well then you are going to love the story of Lot a lot.

Personally I say… No thanks, a lot!

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Where are all the miracles?

Yahweh used to be so proactive. He used to take such an active roll in the drama of his people. He basically wrote, directed, produced, and starred in the damned thing. But now he seems to have gotten out of the business. Is he in re-hab?

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