F B I see you

Maybe it’s because I have learned so much about the mind, the unconscious mind, and the ways that the media attempts to manipulate us, (or maybe it’s just because I have a clear head and eyes that can see), but I have become hyper-aware of how downright ridiculous our culture and media have become.

I have written articles about how different productions use similar images in their advertisements (see Billboredom, and Billboredom 2: The Billbordening), and I have written articles about offensive gun-laden movie posters, (see I call bullshit on this,  F–K you Hollywood, and Dreamy grandpas with guns). This article will be a combination of the two.

I live in Santa Monica where there are thankfully very few billboards. However, recently I drove across town into Hollywood and was subjected to the usual assault on my senses and sensibilities.

During my drive I couldn’t help noticing that a majority of the billboards were about the FBI. Four separate productions were advertising their new FBI dramas. (It seems we are meant to be so busy watching the FBI that we forget the FBI is watching us). I saw well over 25 billboards for each one which means that my subconscious was bombarded with the word FBI over a hundred times on one little drive to Hollywood and back.

First and foremost was Quantico.



September 17th, 2015|Clarify your MIND|3 Comments