Happy Child Killing Day!


What could I possibly mean by such an atrocious statement?

Well, as I sit down to write this today is what the Christians call Good Friday, and today is also the beginning of what the Jews call Passover. Both of these so-called holy days involve celebrating the murder of children.

Lets start with Good Friday. Today is the supposed anniversary of the day Jesus was crucified. More specifically, today commemorates the day the God of the bible had his only child tortured to death in order to die for the sins that he (God) created humanity with in the first place.

There are a billion people on this planet that actually consider a man being crucified to be a “good” thing. They think it’s good that there is a God who did this to his son. They think its good that someone else is the scapegoat for their evil deeds. They believe that its good that someone else could be punished for the crimes that they have committed (or will commit), and that they are therefore somehow absolved from their own wrongdoings. How can someone die for someone else’s sins?! What a preposterous notion! I will take responsibility for my own actions thank you very much.


April 5th, 2015|Liberate your SOUL|40 Comments