Altar Ego

I wrote this poem on a single sheet of loose-leaf paper in 1993, at the age of 19.

Altar Ego

My name is Infinity.
I am the playground of the gods.
I am the defier of the odds.
I am where everything has room to grow.
I give light somewhere to go.
Killing time is my only crime.
My grandeur is as sublime
As the world behind your eyes.
My scope is as blatant
As the stars that fill the sky.
I am the cause and effect
Of the unchanging change.
I make reality
And its twisters
So wonderfully
Painfully beautifully strange.
I keep science guessing.
Their curse is my blessing
Allowing for the progressing of thought.
I hold the answers to every question you’ve got.
I am the future and the past.
My gift to you is the present
I am eternal.
I am never.
All and nothing are my realm
Where I am king.
Excited uncertainty
Is the feeling that I bring to life
That keeps it all interesting.
I dwell between numbers.
I live the impossible death.
I know no walls.
I am free
Within me.
My name is infinity…

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I came up with a new way to skate. I LOVE the bike path by my house but I was getting a little bored with just speed skating so I threw in some juggling / dribbling, or as I like to call it Driggling.

Driggling is something that I have done for almost 15 years. With the help of director Larry Clark (Kids, Bully, etc.) and some other good friends I have finally put it on film. I am currently shoping the concept to ad agencies for $trictly arti$tic rea$on$.

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UFOs ?

I was never much of a UFO enthusiast. Part of me had always believed that not all UFO sightings/encounters are fake, but I never put too much thought into it. Then I found myself taking a lot of pictures of the sky in an effort to document the chemtrails and sylphs I was seeing so often. That’s when things got weird.

I was showing some pictures I took to a good friend of mine and he saw something other than clouds floating in the sky. Here is that picture.


And here is the picture zoomed in.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 8.26.18 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 8.49.44 PM


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Behind Your Eyes

Here is another little poem I wrote back in 1994

Behind your eyes
And between your ears
Is where you’ve been lost
For all these years
Restricted by fears
Drowning in tears
Dying to live
Before you’re dead.

Everything ever is
All in your head
Yours to do with
What you choose.
If you play the game
Know how to lose
That is how you win.

You must look
At how you look
That you might see
All there is
To do
Is be
And the only way
To be
Is free.

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One Dollar Per $econd

(I wrote this article in 2011 when the national debt was a mere 14.5 trillion dollars.)

A Dollar Per $econd

As the $hit continues to hit the fan, I just thought I’d put our 14.5 trillion dollar “national debt” into perspective. Since supposedly TIME = MONEY, for the sake of this example let’s say that one second equals one dollar.

60 seconds x 60 minutes x 24 hours = 86,400 seconds per day.

86,400 seconds per day x 365 days per year = 31,536,000 seconds per year.

31,536,000 seconds per year x 2011 years = 63,418,896,000 seconds since the beginning of the Common Era.

Which means that if you saved one dollar per second since the birth of Christ, you would have 63.5 billion dollars.

Moving on…


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