One Religion

My last post might have scared some folks with how hateful it joked about being. So I am posting a poem I wrote back in 1995 which also says how I really feel.

One Religion

Now is the time
For the people of this
Our world
To wholeheartedly understand
There is truly
One religion.

We are born of it
Into it
And we die for it
Leaving it to rejoin it.

To claim
Life’s living miracle
As yours to dispense
Like so many maniacal messiahs
Is indeed blasphemous sin,
For everything is ours
To share
And with more
We are equal
Again and again
If you believe in
The beauty of believing
And the magic of
Making and receiving

It’s positively pure power
Joyously joins
Sensational senses
To the intangible pulse of
God’s bittersweetly bleeding heart
And with the soaring strength that it’s
Certain fluidity provides
You can ride
The rhythm of the universe
With confidence
And grace its glory
With your
Precisely pricelessly
Precious presence.

Experience equalities ecstasy
And live for more
And more again
Within the life you’ve been given
To live in
With all that is else.

We are one
And together is the only way to go
Through our destiny
To our fate
And beyond
By embracing death
Without fear, doubt, or hate
In the united state of

Immersed in the infinite
We are free
Not to choose
Prejudice or greed
And explore the unlimited
The way that
A seed lives to grow
And reach for the stars
For the simple sake of
Making more of
What is reaching to caress
And feeling to find
The blinding light of

Life is all right
Once you’ve left
The pain of the past behind you
And wholeheartedly
In your mind
You understand what I’m saying
As I preach
Preying to all of you
(The other halves of God)
For a perfectly peaceful end
To the madness of the masses
That has polluted
Our holy land.

There is truly
One religion
That in this language
Is called

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It’s like he’s in my head

(But in my head there is no hate.) I am a huge fan of this guy. Deek Jackson. Formerly from the FKN News, and currently from the FKN show. He really tells it like it is as far as I’m concerned. Conspiracy Clown is one of his classic characters. I’m glad he can feel the hatred and spew the venom so I don’t have to. Sometimes it’s nice to have a good laugh on the dark side. It’s funny because it’s true. Enjoy.

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