Maybe I’m not sure, but I doubt it

The only people I am bothered by more than people who ask too many questions are people who are too certain.

In my opinion one of the main hindrances to humanity’s health, now and throughout history, is that there is just too darn much certainty.

What do I mean by that? Well, the fact is that nothing is all that certain in this wacky world, and yet people believe with absolute certainty in things for which they have absolutely no proof. For example, some people believe things like, “I just know that if I ask that girl to go out with me she will say no”, or “I am certain that I will never be good at math”, or even, “That person will surely burn in hell because they are not a member of my religion”.

All of these so-called certainties are based solely in the mind of the believer and are projected to the outside world by them. These certainties are no more than mental constructs standing in the way of free thought.

There can be no reasoning with certainty. With certainty the universe becomes closed off and, there is no room for debate or growth, at which point you might as well end your life because there is nothing left to know. No surprises. Once you are certain of everything there is no more reason to think. Deciding that all of something is a certain way, and then deciding your decision applies to everyone else clearly causes ignorance and bigotry.

Both politics and religion throughout the ages have conditioned people to act with intolerance based on unfounded certainty. People who are certain use words like sinner, or heretic, or infidel to rationalize their own violence.

Bush was certain Saddam had WMD’s. Hitler was certain he was doing the right thing for Germany. Racists are certain they are better than other races. Suicide bombers are certain they will be rewarded in heaven. Torquemada was certain when he led the Spanish Inquisition.

One of my biggest problems with religion in general is the concept of dogma, which is just a big list of immutable rules beyond question. The major religions are just so damned certain their dogma is right and everyone else’s is wrong, and yet once again, this certainty is based on nothing, absolutely nothing other than what they think they believe.

Religious people throughout history have read a book (or worse had it interpreted for them), and then decided to base the entirety of their soul on it forever, and ever. Amen. To me, this is insanity.

I recently met a couple hardcore fundamentalist Evangelical Christians. They actually believe that The Bible is the true word of God. They just know that every word in The Bible is true, and yet they have no extraordinary evidence at all to back up this extraordinary claim other than the fact that their blind faith tells them they are certain.

Their fanatically literal Creationist interpretation of a book written by many men’s hands demands that they believe the universe began on page one of The Bible. They have so much faith in their imaginary certainty that they actually believe the Grand Canyon, the Earth, the Moon, Jupiter, the Sun, and the universe itself are all around 5000 years old, simply because that’s supposedly when the story of The Bible begins. In the face of overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary, (not to mention common sense) they believe with utter certainty that The Bible is literally true, and the universe is 5000 years old.

They have had to essentially amputate their own critical faculties in order to cram the way the world really is into the imaginary way they are certain it should be. It is as if they’ve gone crazy rather than grow up. To me, the decision that every answer to every question resides in one book is the height of spiritual and intellectual laziness. It’s like saying Jesus is the answer to every question. 2+2= Jesus, Why is the sky blue? Jesus. Is there more to life? Jesus. What’s for lunch? Jesus. These are the sorts of mental and spiritual cop-outs that have kept Christians (and Muslims, and Jews, etc.) living in the dark ages for all these years. Its like a massive group hallucination passed down through the generations, and I believe it is this cognitive dissonance between fantasy and reality that is the cause of a great deal of physical and mental disease in the world.

I don’t mean to seem like I’m just picking on the Creationists I met. Other than their fearful and childish spiritual philosophy they are extremely nice people, and one must keep in mind that they are members of a parish which has been sermonized into sharing the same insane certainty. Furthermore, their parish is a part of a larger religion that is equally, if not more certain of its certainty that The Bible is the true word of God, and that accepting Jesus Christ as your lord and savior is the only way save your wretched soul.

And by the way, for the record, as far as I’m concerned it is more than OK to be certain that Jesus Christ is your lord and savior. What the heck do I care what stories get you through the day?

My problem is when people like that are certain that Jesus Christ is MY lord and savior. My problem is when pious people seek to dictate the parameters of MY worldview, and decide for themselves that they know what is best for MY soul, whether I like it or not.

My own choice of personal spirituality resonates most with the CHURCH OF THE SUBGENIUS. (It is the industrial-strength “religion” which helped to make me the man I am today. Praise “Bob”!)

The profound power and glory of J.R. “Bob” Dobbs’ CHURCH OF THE SUBGENIUS is beyond the scope of this article. I mention it here simply to introduce one of the church’s core “beliefs”. They have something called a Short Duration Personal Savior, or “ShorDurPerSav”.

A ShorDurPerSav is a disposable messiah. It allows you the flexibility to believe in whatever you need to at the time in order for you to go about your day in the best and easiest way possible. Then you can move on with your life and find another source of strength and meaning. It can be anything at all. It doesn’t even have to really exist.

Sometimes “Bob” is my ShorDurPerSav. Sometimes it’s my cat. Sometimes it’s the ocean. Sometimes it’s a book. Sometimes it’s a slice of pizza. Sometimes it’s the constellation Orion. Sometimes it’s a friend or a hero I want to emulate. Sometimes it’s my skateboard. And sometimes it’s me.

It’s whatever I need whenever I need it most, and the best part is that I’m not stuck with it when it no longer serves me, (however the same one can be used multiple times). Short Duration Personal Saviors allow one the mental and spiritual flexibility to adapt to any situation, and I feel it is this flexibility that is key to life.

But don’t take my word for it. Lao Tsu teaches in Chapter 76 of the Tao Te Ching that:

“Human beings are soft and supple when alive, stiff and straight when dead…Therefore it is said: a rigid person is a disciple of death; the soft, supple, and delicate are lovers of life…A tree that is inflexible will snap.

Or as Confucius said:

“The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak that breaks in the storm.”

So don’t be afraid to let your mind bend a little.

Speaking of mind bending, the counter-intuitive world of Quantum Mechanics has recently shown us that there is no such thing as certainty anyway. In Quantum Mechanics everything is based on probability.

Werner Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle basically says that it is impossible to simultaneously determine the position and velocity of a sub-atomic particle. This is not a limitation of our instruments or our ability to observe objects. It is how the universe appears to function on a fundamental level.

There is always a trade off in accuracy between present and future knowledge. The more you know about a particle’s position the less you know about its velocity, and vice versa.

It’s like pinning a butterfly down in a glass case. If you do, you can inspect the butterfly’s parts but in doing so you have killed it, and lost perspective of what it really means to butterfly.

Quantum mechanics also teaches us that we can never fully know exactly where an atom is. We can only know the relative probability distribution of its possible locations. We are then able to extrapolate predictions out of this cloud of uncertainty. Thus, precision does not get rid of the gray areas, it just pins the grayness down.

Which brings us to black and white. People who are extremely certain, tend to perceive the world in “black and white”, but the fact is that the world consists of grayness. Black and white are just special cases of gray, in the same way that zero and infinity are special cases of numbers.

These polar opposites are just that, they are polar, and they are therefore united by their need for each other. In their explicit differences there is an implicit unity. This is why there is a white dot in the center of the black portion, and a black dot in the center of the white portion of the Yin/Yang symbol.

In the same way that throughout history the idealist revolutionaries have gone on to become the corrupt establishment, the attainment of any extreme position is the point where it begins to turn into its own opposite. Carl Jung called this state “enantiodromia”.

So in a way, the more certain you are, the less you know.

The beauty of science is that it doesn’t claim to be certain. Science tells us that things are in flux, and that flux is in things.

While some scientists can be as dogmatic as popes, in their heart they know that things change. Science, (when it’s being honest), tells us that the laws of the universe as we know them are really just tendencies we have observed recently in our particular part of the galaxy. The best we can say about the laws of science is that they happen to work right now. That’s why they tend to call them theories.

But, there is no theory of Jesus’ divinity that can be tested. There is only certainty based on utter lack of evidence. There is no theory that Mohammed was a prophet of Allah. There is only the certainty that people will kill and die for. There is no theory that Yahweh is the one true God. There is only certainty based on feelings and blind faith.

How can anyone be so certain about something they have no proof of whatsoever?

All dogmatic religions are certain they are right, but their certainties are mutually exclusive, which means by definition that if any one of them is right, then the rest of them have to be wrong. So exactly how true can this certainty be if it is both right and wrong at the same time?

It’s unbelievable how some people can choose to have absolute blind faith in miraculous stories that someone else wrote thousands of years ago. Just because you choose to believe in something does not make it true.

If I told you I was absolutely certain that Michael Jackson is alive because a friend of mine’s cousin knows a girl who says she has a boyfriend whose father saw him walking down the street last week, you would doubt the heck out of me, and then you would use your common sense to decide that I was probably either gullible, or crazy, or both.

So why are people so keen to believe 2000 year old hearsay? Why are people so desperate to be certain? Perhaps its because their certainty is an attempt to control the universe, or perhaps it is just easier to believe someone else’s fairy tale than to contemplate and take responsibility for one’s own existence.

I’m not saying people shouldn’t know things. I don’t mean you should believe in nothing, have no core beliefs or values, and dwell in chaotic, doubt-filled insecurity. In fact, believe it or not, I want you to be certain.

Be certain you love yourself. Be certain you appreciate your life. Be certain you live in the present moment. Be certain you are confident. Be certain you don’t know everything. Be certain your logic is sound. Be certain your thoughts are your own. Be certain you will die. Be certain you are alive.

I know who I am, and I know what I believe, and that’s about all I can say other than I hope you do to.

I choose to be mostly certain about everything, (for the most part). I leave my mind some wiggle room. I crack a window and leave the doors unlocked. I allow my brain the ability to change.

Unfortunately, billions of souls throughout history have chosen the rigid path of certainty based on dogma and blind faith. To me this is like being locked in a windowless room with pictures on the wall. Once the vault is sealed, all they have left are the stories that they tell themselves. Their mind becomes a reversed black hole. Rather than a traditional black hole from which light or information cannot escape, their mind becomes an inverted black hole into which no light or new information can enter. They no longer have any idea what is happening in the world outside. Their mind is cut off from the universe and is ultimately buried alive, starving to death in a self-enforced solitary confinement of the soul.

But, as I have said before, “the good news is that doors of hell are locked on the inside”. So open your mind, and let go of what you think you know.

As the great Alan Watts once said: “We can never, never describe all features of the total situation, not only because every situation is infinitely complex, but also because the total situation is the universe!”

I don’t have all the answers. I just don’t ask that many questions.

The only thing I’m certain about is that maybe I’m not sure, but I doubt it.



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3 things to spend money on

My grandfather has given me some great pieces of advice over the course of my life, and this is one of the greatest.

I have given this advice to my clients throughout my career, and I have seen it help some of them greatly.

Here it is…

Spend good money on three things: your bed, your shoes, and your chair.

It seems like just good ol’ fashioned common sense, but the best advice usually does.

Don’t skimp on your bed, your shoes, or your chair because you will spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, 1/3 of your life walking or standing around, and 1/3 of your life sitting down.

It is simple, and it’s useful, and it has done me right. I hope it serves you well as well.

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Every day is Thanksgiving Day


That is how I live my life.

I am considered by some to be an “atheist” because I don’t believe there is a God like the one in The Bible. However, and more importantly, I do have an immense amount of gratitude for the fact that I am alive in this wondrous universe. I did not invent time and space, or the stars and the Earth. I did not come up with Nature’s intricate web, or the laws of geometry and physics. I did not create any of that stuff, but I enjoy the benefits and beauty of them, and so I am filled with gratitude for/to something larger than myself.

I am grateful to the Universe, which out of simplicity I refer to as “God”. Not God with a penis, not God you can petition with prayer, but God the creative life-giving force. I thank God every night when my head hits the pillow, and I thank God every day when I wake up. I thank God every time I sit down to eat a meal, and believe it or not I thank god every time I sit down to take a shit.

I thank God every day for every day and thus every day is Thanksgiving Day.

But what exactly does America’s traditional Thanksgiving Day celebrate? The myth that the native peoples of this continent decided to take pity on the pathetically unprepared and out of touch pilgrims who would have starved to death without them? I think not.

It seems to me like America is really more thankful that the native peoples didn’t have guns to defend themselves with. America’s government is thankful that the native peoples didn’t have Small Pox blankets, and cold, black, treacherously murderous hearts like they did/do.

Take a moment and imagine how the native peoples must feel about Thanksgiving Day? It is practically a celebration of their genocide. It gives about as much respect to the native peoples of this land as do the Washington Redskins.

(Notice how I do not call the indigenous tribes of this continent “native Americans”. That’s because they were native long before there was an America. It’s as if America were to invade or “discover” Canada and then call all the people already living there native Americans. The indigenous peoples were here when we moved in, and to label them as any kind of Americans whatsoever is just plain wrong on every level.)

Speaking of crimes, how is it that the President of the United States traditionally pardons one turkey every year? The fact that the President gets to publicly pardon his pals as he sees fit is a blatant and bold-faced insult to the justice system, (as well as everyday American citizens who have no choice but to obey the law), so it comes as no real surprise that he gives get-out-of-jail-free cards to his cadre of criminal cronies. But he pardons a turkey? Really?! Are we to believe that all of the turkeys people eat on Thanksgiving Day are somehow guilty of a crime? Are they really in need of ritualistic forgiveness from the current head of the government that basically wiped the native peoples off their land? Is one turkey’s commuted death sentence supposed to make millions of Americans feel better about the turkey they are eating? I just don’t get it.

One thing I do like about Thanksgiving Day though is the fact that it is not an overly religious holiday like Christmas or Easter. It’s not about propagating some ridiculous fairy tale. Its about getting together with family, eating a good meal, and being thankful.

Well, at least that’s how Thanksgiving is supposed to be. Sadly however, in my lifetime it has been usurped by the forces of consumerist bullshit, because now Thanksgiving Day is really just… Black Friday Eve.

Nowadays, people eat their Thanksgiving dinner around 3pm, then they hop in the car, head to the mall, jockey for position in line, and spend the rest of Thanksgiving Night camping out in front of a Best Buy or a Walmart so they can be the first ones through the door, trampling old women and children in order to get 30% off of a flatscreen TV they already have two of.

On the one day of the year where people are supposed to be the most thankful, they are actually busy thinking about all of the things they are going to go shopping for the next day. They are not spending Thanksgiving being grateful for what they have, they are spending it in frenzied desire for things they covet.

The fact that over the years videos of people stampeding each other and getting into fights over sales items has become commonplace is grotesque enough, but the fact that all these disgraceful acts of violent greed occurred on the day after Thanksgiving says more about the shameful state of America’s culture than this article ever could

And if that’s not disturbing enough, I have just learned the there are some stores this year that are starting their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving night. Now you can be greedy and buy shit you don’t need on Thanksgiving day itself. Yay!

Where is the love? And more to the point of this article, where is the thankfulness? Where is the gratitude?

To me, one of the greatest problems with our society is the perpetually dissatisfied materialism it is based on. The media fans the flames of insecurity with shiny people selling shiny things, and the masses are hypnotically filled with an insatiable urge to buy more stuff in a never ending quest for “happiness”. What a joke. And the punchline is that once they get whatever item they have been programmed to desire, they find that it has not filled the hole inside their soul. So they go back to work to spend their life to earn more money to buy more stuff that they don’t really need so that one day maybe they will feel fulfilled.

However, if they just stepped back, took a moment, and truly appreciated the things they have, they would feel much better about themselves. I’m not just talking about appreciating material things. I’m talking about appreciating the finer things, the things money can’t buy, the things that never go on sale. Things like: being alive, being healthy, having friends and family who love you, having a sense of humor, having a mind that can comprehend the mystery and majesty of the universe, and so on…

Are you feeling depressed or uninspired? Get some gratitude in your attitude! It is the fastest way to turn your life around. Focus on what you have got, not on what you have not.

A more grateful world is a less hateful world.

Besides, the more you appreciate, the more you enjoy.

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Would you eat a dryer sheet?

Savior Self is dedicated to helping you clarify your MIND, reclaim your BODY, and liberate your SOUL.

So far this blog has focused on mental and spiritual health. Now it is finally time for me to share some of the things I have learned about physical health over the last 12 years of being a personal trainer.

I’d like to begin by asking you once more, would you eat a dryer sheet? Would you crumple up a Snuggle or a Bounce and cram it down your gullet? Regardless of whether or not you know anything about health and fitness, I’m willing to wager that inherently something inside you says “Hell no!”. So, if you wouldn’t put one in you why would you put one on you?

Your skin is an organ, your largest organ, and anything that you put on your skin goes through your skin and into your body. So essentially when you use drier sheets you really are ingesting them.

For some dastardly reason drier sheets don’t have to list all the chemicals they contain. Perhaps it is because they are full of toxic chemicals, and if people knew what was in them they would never use them.

Here are just 5 of the chemicals found in fabric softeners and dryer sheets:

1. Camphor: On the US EPA’s Hazardous Waste list. Central nervous system stimulant, causes dizziness, confusion, nausea, twitching muscles, and convulsions.

2. Ethyl Acetate: A narcotic on the EPA’s Hazardous Waste list.

3. Chloroform: On the EPA’s Hazardous Waste list. Neurotoxic and carcinogenic.

4. Alpha-Terpineol: Causes central nervous system disorders. Can also cause loss of muscular coordination, central nervous system depression, and headache.

5. Pentane: causes headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, and loss of consciousness.

These chemicals build up in your body over time and wreak havoc on your health and nervous system. Pretty grim right?

Not only do all those toxic chemicals get into your system through your skin, they also get into you through your olfactory system. Apparently these toxic chemicals themselves are incredibly pungent, hence the need for so much fragrance to cover them up, and of course the perfumes they use to cover up the toxic chemicals are toxic as well.

Which brings me to the stench. Even before I knew that drier sheets were terrible for your health, I absolutely hated the smell of them. Few things are more annoying to me than when the wind blows just right and I am forced to endure a cloud of toxic shit blowing through my living room care of my neighbors laundry room.

I used to go to a gym where the towels were soaked in drier sheets so intensely that when I would wipe the sweat off of my face I could feel myself wiping waxy fragrance onto my face. When I asked the gym manager about why the towels were so overly “softened”, she said she liked the smell and that she put 4 or 5 sheets in every dryer load. She had developed such a tolerance to the the intense fragrance that she had to keep adding sheets so she could smell anything at all. Needless to say, I found another gym.

Another thing that I find offensive to my senses is when you can smell drier sheets on someone in public. They are standing there in line or in an elevator and don’t even realize they stink like the Snuggle Bear just pissed all over them. Barf!

So what to do? Well, I don’t bother putting anything in the drier with my clothes and I don’t think that they are that “hard” of in need of fragrance.

However, there are some natural options to using drier sheets and/or fabric softeners, because even if you don’t feel the effects of those horrid chemicals today, they can affect you gradually over time, and children, whose systems are still developing, are particularly at risk of serious neurological disease. Some natural options include:

– Add a quarter cup of baking soda to wash cycle to soften fabric.

– Add a quarter cup of white vinegar to wash soften fabric and eliminate cling.

– Check out your local health food store for a natural fabric softener that uses a natural base instead of chemicals.

-Use wool balls in place of dryer sheets. You can add a safety pin to the wool ball to also help with the static.

-Make your own dryer sheets, by spraying vinegar and/or essential oils (such as lemon or lavender) on a cloth and tossing in the dryer with your clothing.

-Air dry your clothing.

Modern life is toxic, and while there is no way to eliminate all of the environmental toxins we are forced to live in every day, we can choose not to literally clothe ourselves in poison.

Remember, don’t put anything on you that you wouldn’t put in you.



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You are in charge of your mind

The concept that you are in charge of your mind is at the heart of any philosophy of empowerment. Once you realize that nobody out there can make you sad or angry, you realize that you are in control of your own thought process.

Once you are in control, you can “steer your ship” in a more positive direction, no matter what happens.

Successful people tend to look at problems as challenges to be overcome, rather than obstacles blocking their path. Life can surprise us with difficulties and hardships, and how we choose to handle those situations actually determines the effect that they will have on our life.

If you are currently the kind of person who gets deeply upset when your favorite sports team doesn’t win a game, or if you totally lose your cool when someone cuts you off in traffic, how are you going to react when a truly serious problem arises? If you have a meltdown when you get a bad haircut, how are you going to handle it if a family member has to go to the hospital? If you freak out over minor nothings, how are you going to cope when something major happens?

Whatever happens is for your benefit, and how you choose to handle a situation determines its overall meaning. I know it might seem hippy-dippy to say that “all things are for the best”, but it is truly a powerful way to view the challenges in your life.

For example, I had a friend who loved her job that paid her well. Then out of the blue she got fired. I immediately reminded her that she would be well served if she looked at her losing her job as the best thing that could have happened to her. She went on to find another career that she loves even more than her old one. She could have wallowed in self-pity and self-doubt, but she chose to see her problem as a blessing and that is exactly what it became.

You have to take responsibility for who you are and where you are in your life. Stop placing blame and start taking action.

Look for negative emotional triggers and limiting beliefs within yourself, and then thoroughly eradicate them. (NLP, and Timeline Therapy are excellent tools for accomplishing this goal.)

You have all the resources you need to succeed. There is nothing “wrong” with you. You do not need to be “fixed”. You just need to utilize your resources to their fullest potential. Once people shift their awareness from a victim mentality to a creative mentality, they see that like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, they had everything they needed all along.

Remember, thinking positive is a choice, and so is mind over mood for that matter.

To quote Funkadelic, from the song If You Don’t Like The Effect, Don’t Produce The Cause:

“You say you don’t like where you’re at
You can make a change, if you accept the blame.
Stay in control of your reactions
It will determine the effect of any situation.
You have the power to negate
Any ulcer causing feeling that prohibits you to think.
The situation is just that, it has no special powers to do you harm.
It’s your reactions that count.”


Choose to decide that you are in charge of your mind, because if you’re not, who is?!

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I give this film… Jew thumbs down

Apparently they have run out of comic books to make movies out of, so now they are going back to the original graphic novel, The Bible.

Earlier this year we were presented with Russell Crowe as Noah in the movie Noah.


Give me a break!

And now, just in time for Hanukkah/Christmas we are presented with Christian Bale as Moses in Exodus: Gods and Kings.


Notice how in both posters each of these Biblical heroes is wielding a weapon. I can hear the producers now, “We can’t have them holding a sexy gun, so lets give them an ax or a sword that will imply enough violence to put asses in movie theatre seats.”

Here is another picture of God’s servant Moses hard at work.


Sadly, this is the kind of movie the insanely ignorant (or ignorantly insane) Judeo-Christians around the world will think is a true story. This movie is the worst kind of violence-glorifying make-believe bullshit, because its overall theme is used for the justification of real world arrogance, murder, and oppression.

And of course we all know what the message of the story of Exodus is. That’s right, it’s… DONT FUCK WITH THE JEWS.

And yet, how is it that if you are “God’s chosen people” you managed to be enslaved for 400 years before Moses supposedly set you free? How is it that God even needed Moses to set his people free in the first place? Couldn’t God just snap his fingers and free his chosen people? And how is it that the chosen people have managed to be persecuted in, or exiled from, almost every country they have ever set foot in? How is it that the history of the chosen ones is filled with wandering, strife, slavery, mistrust, prejudice and holocaust? It seems like the Jews, who have had a traditionally hard time throughout history, are actually the people God has “chosen” to torment. Maybe the Jews are just wingless flies and God is an 11 year old boy.

If that last statement seems ridiculous, try this on for size. Ridley Scott, the director of Exodus: Gods and Kings, said he cast an 11 year old boy to play God because he “exudes innocence and purity”. Innocence and purity?! Does that sound anything like the sexist, racist, blood-thirsty, genocidal, megalomaniac, bully god of the old testament? I think not. Here is a picture of Ridley Scott’s pure and innocent Yahweh, perhaps casting him as God is a subtle nod to the Catholic Church.


And then we come to the fact that the man they chose to portray Moses, the Jew of all Jews, is a man named Christian.

After watching the preview for this film, which is as hilarious as it is scary, I have come to the conclusion that Christian Bale is performing the roll as Batman playing Charlton Heston as Brave Heart in The Scorpion King.

I will say this for Mr. Bale, he researched the part of Moses very well. In fact he caused some upset last month (which is just waaaaay too easy with the religious) after he described his character as ‘barbaric’ and ‘schizophrenic’ at a press conference. He actually said: ‘I think the man was likely schizophrenic and was one of the most barbaric individuals that I ever read about in my life.’

Good for him! Score one for The Dark Knight.

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Actors thrive on innocent blood

A friend of mine recently suggested a movie to me. He sent me a link to the preview and I gave it a look.

The film is called Foxcatcher. It is apparently a true story about how a mega-millionaire named John DuPont murdered an olympic wrestler named David Shultz by shooting him with a pistol.

Needless to say this is not my kind of film.

Once again, a tragic story of insanity and murder is ripped from the headlines and turned into a movie for the entertainment of the docile masses, and the enrichment of the Hollywood elite.

As I watched the preview for Foxcatcher I intentionally kept in mind that it was based on a true story, which means that someone (David Shultz) had to be killed, literally shot in cold blood, for this movie to be made. So after wasting 90 seconds on the trailer I decided to research the true story in order to put a face to the name and in some small way honor the man who was murdered in order for this piece of shit film to be made.


While I was looking for a picture of David Shultz I came across a picture that infuriated me enough to write this post. The picture is not of Mr. Shultz. The picture is of the cast of Foxcatcher lined up on the red carpet happy and smiling.

This is the picture that set me off:


It shows Steve Carrell (who plays DuPont), Mark Ruffalo (who plays Shultz), Mark Shultz (actual brother of the murder victim), and Channing Tatum (who plays Mark Shultz).

Look at them all smiling their balls off. (All except Steve Carrell whose publicist probably told him not to smile as much as usual since this film is his darkest and most dramatic roll to date, and his Oscar buzz requires that he be less of a goofball and more of a mysteriously creepy murderous perv.)

What the hell is there to smile about? A man was shot to death and Mark Ruffalo gets to make a million dollars pretending to be him. A real life human being was killed and Channing Tatum gets to make a million dollars flashing his pecs in a wrestling outfit. A demented and deranged asshole killed someone in cold blood and Steve Carell gets to be nominated for an Oscar.

This is a prime example of how Hollywood is fueled by blood. Sickening.

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Watch this movie or I’ll shoot you in the face

I was walking down the street the other day just minding my own business, and I looked to my right to find Keanu Reeves pointing a gun in my face.


How unpleasant.

America’s love/hate relationship with the almighty gun summed up in one poster.

“Gee, I’m so stressed out about all of the violence in the world, I’m so worried about all of these lone gunmen wandering into public places and shooting people that I just don’t know what to do with myself. Oh wait, I know, I’ll pay my hard-earned money to go sit in a dark room, suspend my disbelief, allow myself to go into a trance state that leaves my unconscious mind wide open to suggestion, and then watch a movie that is filled with guns and death. That will take my mind off of all the guns and death I’m so concerned about.”

Wrong. Just wrong.

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