I like Halloween but…

…this shit is ridiculous.

(I apologize in advance to anyone for whom the following image is upsetting. On this blog I have done a lot of criticizing of violence in the media and this is an extreme example of how sick and twisted our culture has become. If you are sensitive to these things perhaps you should not look at the picture below.)







Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 2.25.34 PM


I have seen this billboard around town for the last month and finally I worked up enough nerve to get close enough to it to take a picture.

This is by far the most disgusting image I have ever seen in an advertisement, (and that’s saying something!). I am shocked and appalled that this is the sort of thing that is allowed to be put out there into the public consciousness. I have said it before and I will say it again…there are children on their way to school who look out the window and are forced to see that image and have it burned permanently in their mind. Imagine how the kids who have to sit at the bus bench where I took this picture must feel sitting next to that image every day before school.

Forget the children, there are full grown adults (such as myself) who do not want to ever see such a horrifying image, and yet because it’s October our tradition dictates that we are forced to see this type of gruesome poster plastered all over town. It is just wrong. It is offensive on so many levels and just goes to show the kind of level America continues to sink to and through.

Who would ever go to Universal Studios to be entertained by such a morbid and gory display? Oh, I know, perhaps the millions of “people” who have made “zombies” a trendy thing in America’s ever more disturbing death culture. Desensitized, brainless, soulless, half-alive, creatures of habit and hunger and violence… wasting their life watching TV shows about stupid, diseased, half-dead, tormented and demented creatures hungry for brains. Oh sweet irony!

Clearly these “people” have made “zombies” so popular because shows like The Walking Dead make them feel better about themselves. “Well, I may be a deeply unfulfilled worker drone, I may eat poisonous plastic food and spend most of my free time staring slack jawed at the pictures coming out of a shiny box, I may be a slave to industries that titilate and manipulate my basest urges and desires, I may trudge through my joyless life never questioning the socio-political and religious mind control I don’t even realize I am being forced to live under, I may be on three different anti-depressants while I check my Facebook all day……….but at least I’m not a zombie.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so true.

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Have you discovered the power of “yet” yet?

Many people have a negative internal dialog in their mind that says the same terrible things over and over again. They have a voice in their head that is stuck in a loop and says things like, “I can’t do that”, or “I don’t have what I want”.

One of the most powerful things you can do to change your thought process and empower yourself is to use the word “yet” at the end of negative sentences like that.

For example, you can change the sentence “I’m not in good shape”, (which has a very solid, unchanging, and definite feel to it), into the sentence “I’m not in good shape…YET” (which not only implies that change is possible, it implies that it is inevitable).

Y-E-T. Three little letters that are the key to unlocking a self-imposed and self-enforced prison cell in your mind. A tiny syllable at the end of a sentence that is more like a light at the end of a tunnel.  “YET” creates a place for change to occur. It opens up a place in the future for your desires to manifest. This is such a wonderfully effective and quick technique. I have used it with my clients for years and it brings me such joy to see their beliefs in themselves change with the addition of one simple word.

I implore you to try this for yourself. And if you find your self thinking “I’m not getting any results from using the word yet”, remember to turn that into “I’m not getting any results from using the word yet…YET”.


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Its just too easy

I don’t want this blog to be a bunch of posts bashing religion.

Well,  what I really mean to say is that I want this blog to be more than just a bunch of posts bashing religion.

I want there to be posts about personal empowerment and finding God within one’s own personal experience. I want this blog to inspire people with words of wisdom distilled throughout my many years of study. I want this blog to find its voice not just through acerbic wit but also through compassion and rational discourse.

I would still like to point out where religion has failed humanity throughout the years. I would like to draw attention to how industrial, dogmatic religion has stifled the human spirit for far too long. I want to shed light on how the world can be a better place if we each find connection and communion with our own inner divinity. I want to teach people how to be their own personal savior.

I also want to bash the hell out of religion. I want to crush its skull between my hands. I want to see its bloated corpse dashed upon the rocks of Truth.

I love to use my wry reason to ridicule religion for how retardedly ridiculous it is, and even though I enjoy it thoroughly, I am deciding to do more than just “make fun”, if only for the simple fact that its just too easy.

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The cure for all your ills


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The Pope Song

I love Tim Minchin!

Here is a wonderful little ditty he wrote.

Here are the lyrics:

Fuck the motherfucker
Fuck the motherfucker
Fuck the motherfucker
He’s a fucking motherfucker

Fuck the motherfucker
Fuck the fucking fucker
Fuck the motherfucker
He’s a total fucking fucker

Fuck the motherfucker
Fuck the motherfucker
Fuck the motherfucker
Fucking fuck the motherfucker

Fuck the motherfucker
Fuck the motherfucking Pope.

Fuck the motherfucker
And fuck you, motherfucker
If you think that motherfucker is sacred
If you cover for another motherfucker
Who’s a kiddie fucker
Fuck you, you’re no better
Than the motherfucking rapist

And if you don’t like the swearing
That this motherfucker forced from me
And reckon it shows moral
Or intellectual paucity
Then fuck you, motherfucker
This is language one employs
When one is fucking cross
About fuckers fucking boys

I don’t give a fuck if calling
The Pope a motherfucker
Means you unthinkingly brand me
An unthinking apostate

This has nowt to do with other
Fucking Godly motherfuckers
I’m not interested now
In fucking scriptural debate

There are other fucking songs
And there are other fucking ways
I’ll be a religious apologist
On other fucking days

And the fact remains if you protect
A single kiddie fucker
The Pope, or Prince or plumber
You’re a fucking motherfucker

You see I don’t give a fuck about
What any other fucker
Believes about Jesus
And his motherfucking mother

I’ve no problem with the spiritual beliefs
Of all these fuckers
While those beliefs don’t impact
On the happiness of others

But if you build your Church on claims
Of fucking moral authority
And with threats of Hell impose it
On others in society

Then you, you motherfuckers
Can expect some fucking wrath
When it turns out you’ve been fucking us
In our motherfucking asses

So fuck the motherfucker
And fuck you, motherfucker
If you’re still a motherfucking Papist
If he covered for a single motherfucker
Who’s a kiddie fucker
Fuck the motherfucker
He’s as evil as the rapist

And if you look into your motherfucking heart
And tell me true
If this motherfucking stupid fucking
Song offended you
With its filthy fucking language
And its fucking disrespect
If it made you feel angry
Go ahead and write a letter
But if you find me more offensive
Than the fucking possibility
That the Pope protected priests
While they were getting fucking fiddly
Then listen to me motherfucker
This here is a fact:
You are just as morally misguided
As that motherfucking, power hungry
Self-aggrandised bigot
In the stupid fucking hat.

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Puck the Fope!

Pope Francis (aka. Pope-lite) recently said in an interview that the Catholic Church might begin to be more tolerant of some forms of same-sex civil unions. Civil unions will possibly be permitted when it comes to situations that involve medical care or property rights. Same-sex marriages on the other hand are not to be tolerated because “matrimony is between a man and a woman”. This is all part of the new Pope’s move to make the Church more gay friendly.

Oh how nice.

I have a few questions. Are there really a bunch of gay people sitting around the world just waiting for these bigots to decide to let them into the church? Are there gay people who are in any way relieved that this hateful group of pious pedophiles has finally decided that it’s OK for them to be Catholic? I think not. I certainly hope not.

Sadly I feel that the only gay people who care what the vampires at the Vatican have to say about homosexuals are the gay people who are actually Catholic already. It is the gay people who were raised Catholic and have yet to free themselves from its oppression that will be most relieved to find out that God only sort of hates them now.

And what’s really heartbreaking/mind-blowing is that someone could actually be a closeted homosexual and at the same time consider themselves a practicing Catholic. I understand if they think they could hide their supposedly dirty little secret from their Catholic priest (who is probably gay) and their Catholic friends, but do they really think that they are hiding their “sinful” sexual identity from Catholicism’s God. Do they really believe in an all-powerful all-knowing God that can’t see inside their “closet”? Sadly, their love for their religion must be in direct proportion to their hate for themselves.

And isn’t it nice how the Pope can just change the way the church feels about things? Isn’t it neat how the ineffable word of god changes as the world around it forces it to pull itself out of the dark ages? (The dark ages which I personally blame almost entirely on the Catholic Church). For hundreds of years countless thousands of people were killed just because they believed the Earth revolved around the Sun, then one day the perfect and holy Church decides, “Oops” and carries on like nothing happened. How nice indeed.

The history of the Vatican is filled with these type of incidents where their fanatical fantasies have to be modified to fit into a modern world. This posse of criminals and hypocrites is losing members day by day and they are doing the least amount possible to try to keep up with the times. Hence Pope Francis deciding to go a little easier on the gays.

However… The rest of the Cardinals in the Vatican gathered for an Extraordinary Synod and vetoed the Pope’s attempt to “modernize” the Church’s doctrine.

So I guess the lessons here are that  apparently even in the eyes of his own Church the Pope is no longer infallible, and the Church itself remains as fallible and willfully monstrous as ever.


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Genital mutilation, sucking baby dicks, and Ebola

What do these three things have in common? A man named Thomas R. Frieden.


Lets start at the beginning with genital mutilation. I could write a whole blog post on just this alone. What a sick and twisted thing to do to a baby’s penis. Basically saying that God messed up when “he” was designing human males, and we as a culture have to fix all these little baby penises by snipping off the end (without the baby’s consent!). But it gets worse. Much much worse.

Several years ago I heard about a case in New York City where some Orthodox Jewish circumciser called a mohel was in big trouble because of the extremely troubling way that he was cutting the tips off baby dicks. It turns out that their time honored tradition to appease their psychotic god is to cut off the foreskin with a razor, and then, (are you ready for this?!) they suck the blood out of the baby’s dick. I shit you not. The practice is called metzitzah b’peh (“suction by mouth”). Some religious authorities consider metzitzah b’peh the only acceptable way to draw blood away from the circumcision cut. Here is a picture of this barbaric and vampiric ritual.


But it gets even worse, so very much worse, for you see the only reason this ritual had come to light in the first place, and the reason that the mohel was in big trouble was that some of these infants were catching herpes from this man through their bleeding dicks, and one of them actually died from it.

Again, I shit you not. Here is a quote from an open letter to the Jewish community written in 2005 by the New York City Health Commissioner at the time, a man named Thomas R. Frieden “…there is no reasonable doubt that the practice of metzitzah b’peh (“suction by mouth”) has infected several infants in New York City with the herpes virus, including one child who died and another who has evidence of brain damage…The connection between metzitzah b’peh and neonatal herpes has been documented in the medical literature…

But wait, it gets even worse because in the same letter written by Thomas R. Frieden he pardons the mohel involved and drops the matter as not being a New York City public health issue by stating that “it is our preference for the religious community to address these issues itself”. The lawsuit against the mohel in question was dropped and the ban on the practice was rescinded in favor of letting a religious court settle the matter. A religious court?!

Thomas R. Frieden, the New York City Health Commissioner let the mohel off the hook and sent him on his merry way to go mutilate, and suck off, and infect more innocent baby dicks with potentially fatal herpes, BECAUSE GOD SAYS ITS OK.

And yet somehow it gets even worse…

As I write this there is a huge Ebola scare running rampant in this country. The news is doing a good job of whipping the masses into a frenzy, meanwhile the government, and in particular the Center for Disease Control, doesn’t seem to be doing much of anything about it.

“Patient zero” just died a gruesome and gooey death in a Texas hospital today, the stock price of hand sanitizer and haz-mat suits just continues to skyrocket, and yet for some reason the CDC still hasn’t enacted a travel ban to America from Ebola stricken countries in West Africa.

Oh, did I mention that the current Director of the Center for Disease Control is a man named Thomas R. Freiden.

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Opinion is not The Truth


If you look closely at this car window you can see it says “Truth is not an opinion”, then beneath it they site a passage in the Bible. Lets take a look at this “Truth”.

John 14:6 says: Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

First of all that is obviously an opinion! And second of all what could possibly be “true” about that quote? At best it is 2000 year old hearsay.

Even if Jesus was real, and assuming that quote was miraculously passed down to us accurately through countless revisions and translations, was that really his message?

Was Jesus’ message that everyone ever throuought space and time who did not bow down to him would go to hell, or at the very least be denied contact with the divine?

Was Jesus basically claiming a monopoly on God and threatening everyone who doubted him with eternal damnation?

Is every unbaptized baby throughout history (including everyone who lived and died before Jesus was born) burning in hell as you read this because they weren’t on God’s guest list.

This OPINION basically says in no uncertain terms that all non-Christians are damned. They should put that on their window.

And as for the other bible passage that is sited, Mark 1:15 says, “The time has come,” he said. “The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!”

That quote basically says this person believes the end of the world is upon us and that they are on the winning team because they believe the “good news” that God tortured his son to death to make up for the sins he created you with in the first place. Hooray!

And finally, it seems to me that the other stickers on the window that say “repent” and “believe” are more like the things that a grand inquisitor or a witch burner might say. They are really more of a threat than a suggestion.

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Religion is just in your head

There is nothing in the natural world that suggests for one instant that Jesus Christ is the son of God. For that matter there is nothing in the known universe (outside of the neurology of Homo Erectus) that gives even the slightest hint that Yahweh/Jehovah is real.

What I mean by this is that if you were able to raise a group of children in isolation from Judeo-Christian society there is nothing, absolutely NOTHING in their biology or in the natural environment that would tell them that there is a God who created Adam, who ate an apple, and so on.

If we were able to set up a colony on an island somewhere, and every human need would be taken care of except that there would be no mention whatsoever of Judeo-Christian mythology, nothing in the natural world would suggest to these people for one instant that there was any need for anyone to bow down to the god of the Old Testament.

There is nothing about a the sun setting over the ocean that tells you you were born a sinner in need of redemption. There is nothing about the crisp breeze on a snowy mountain top that tells you you are supposed to listen to anything the pope has to say.

If a comet hit the Earth and every human died tomorrow, the god of the Bible would die right along with them. JESUS AND JEHOVA WOULD BE DEAD BECAUSE THEY ONLY LIVE INSIDE YOUR HEAD. And if by chance one baby managed to survive the impact Omega-man style, and somehow grew up to full adulthood, and eventually died an old man, not once in his life would the words “Jesus Christ is lord” pop into his head. Not ever.

Without Christians there is no Christ. Without brains there is no religion. Which is ironic because with religion there are no brains. Well OK, barely brains. The brain becomes more like a host for a parasite that feeds on ignorance and fear. Free thought and rational inquiry are replaced by dogma and “faith”, and then the brain simply turns to mush. It becomes a hodgepodge of guilt, vanity, and willful insanity. Sadly however, the body still lives to propagate the parasite.

Religion is just a meme, a thought pattern passed along from parents to children like a virus passed from one generation to the next.  If we could break that chain then the mind virus would die, and we could all live free to be humanity.


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