Billboredom 2: The Billboredening!

The geniuses in Hollywood are at it again!

Check out these two billboards for two separate shows. They are both black and red with white channel identification at the lower right, and they both share the same dark hooded figure either representing a stalker or a killer.


Sons of Anarchy season7 billboard

They are so similar its ridiculous. The dinguses in the fear mongering industry appear to not even be trying to be original anymore.

But whats worse is that these are the kinds of images everyday Americans have crammed down their unconscious minds every day. All day and night on the streets of America people are seeing hooded killers stalking them. Over and over. Time after time. Day after day. No wonder they are all so afraid.

Billboards should be illegal. Put up real art instead. Either that or we should all be getting paid to have to be subjected to this barrage of insidious influence our whole lives. They should be paying us for the right to advertise to us.

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There is more to life than being a Jew

I had a very interesting conversation today.

I had just left my garden and was walking down the street. I was about to walk past the Jewish center next door when a young Jewish man stepped out on the sidewalk in front of me. We made brief eye contact and rather than walk on up ahead of me he stops and asks me “Are you Jew also?”

I replied “Sort of. One of my parents was Jewish.”

He said “Let me guess, your mother is Jewish.”

I said “Actually my father was Jewish. He had a barmitzva and everything. He no longer practices at all but his brother my uncle is still a practicing Jew.”

“Oh.” he said

Now this kid couldn’t have been more that 19. He had the big black hat, and he was wearing the ill-fitting hand-me-down black suit jacket and slacks of a young man raised to be a full on orthodox Jew. He had what appeared to be the remnants of those curly sideburns but they looked as if they had recently been cut. Overall he seemed nice enough but he had stopped me and asked me if my mom was Jewish so he was asking for it.

“Yeah” I said, “so technically I’m not a Jew right? My mother has to be Jewish for me to truly be considered a Jew right?”

He reluctantly agreed but then told me that because my father was a Jew there were still some things I could do that other people with no Jew in their linage could not do. (I did not bother to ask what those things are. One can only imagine).

I reiterated to him that my father was Jewish but my mother was not so I could never be a real Jew right? And he said “Yeah. That sucks but that’s how it is”. And that’s where I decided to teach him a lesson.

I said to him quite simply that “I am not interested in being in a club that doesn’t want me for a member, and besides…THERE’S MORE TO LIFE THAN BEING A JEW”

He had been walking with me to my car and when I said that he stopped and said “WHAT?”

I said “There is more to life than just being a Jew.” He heard me and I knew I got him good with that one.  Rather than let him think about that too long I went back to pointing out the ridiculousness of his belief in my psudo-Jewishness. I said “Doesn’t that seem a little messed up that your tradition judges me not on my own merits but on the genetics and philosophical preferences of my mother?”

His eyes were beginning to flutter.

i continued, “doesn’t that seem like an unjust way to view the people of the world? don’t you see that you are judging me based on something i had absolutely no control over? doesn’t that seem exclusionary to put it nicely and racist to put it bluntly? doesn’t your tradition have the concept of US and THEM at its very core? cant you see that one could make a case for the fact that your religion is racist?”

His eyes continued to flutter and I imagined smoke coming out of his ears at this point. He was just a relatively innocent young man with no concept of anything in the real world. He was clearly someone who has spent most of his life studying the scriptures that had been shoved down his throat since before he was old enough to remember. He appeared socially awkward and, it saddens me to say, a bit retarded by his soul stiffing upbringing.

I had no intention of being mean to him, but I had every intention of using my newly mastered neuro-linguistic skills to show this young man he has more choices than he thinks, so i said, “Whats your name?”

He took a couple seconds to think about it then he said “Its a Jewish name”

I said “I don’t care”. (In my head I said ‘no duh?’)

He said his name was Zolomon. Probably ‘Solomon’ but he pronounced it with a Z.

So I said, “Hi Solomon. My name is Morgan. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me and think about how your tradition might be considered xenophobic, bigoted and dare I say racist. I want you to know that i don’t hold that against you. Its not like you were brought up in a culture that respects other cultures. You were raised from day one to believe that you are genetically and spiritually superior to the vast majority of humanity. I want you to know that I understand that you did not choose this tradition. I know that it was forced upon you without your consent. Its not like you had a choice to be a Jew or not. You have been told a story your whole life and no one has ever allowed you to question it, until RIGHT NOW.”

He stared at me with fluttering eyes, then he told me “On the inside of the Jewish center we take care of Jews and I work on imperfections in myself.”

I pulled my sunglasses down and looked him directly in the eyes and said “Solomon I have my imperfections too. I also happen to believe its OK to take care of all peoples not just Jews. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not even telling you to not be a Jew. I’m just pointing out the fact that being a Jew is a choice, a choice you didn’t know you had until RIGHT NOW.”

His eyes fluttered a lot and then they stopped fluttering and for the first time both of his eyes were open in a normal way. His bright blue eyes could be seen for the first time. He said “Thank you for stopping me to talk.”

I said “You stopped me.” and I reached to shake his hand. He put his hand in my hand but he did not have any grip to it whatsoever. It was the limpest handshake I have ever had. I am not sure if orthodox Jewish young adults even have the ritual of a handshake. It seems like they don’t. Anyway, I said “No, lets have a good handshake. Grasp my hand.” and I grasped his hand to show him what i meant.

He fearfully said “why?!” and pulled his hand away and started walking away.

I said to his back as he staggered away, “Good luck with all that.”

Then I got in my car and left. It was only then that I remembered one of my classic lines that would have been perfect in the moment:


Oh well, next time.





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Astrolo-gee I never thought about it that way

I was at a gathering recently and there was a woman there who was doing some form of astrology. She was doing her thing, establishing rapport, being artfully vague, letting her listeners fill in the blanks, all the hypnotic hits. (Don’t get me wrong, I believe she had good intentions). It was cool, and who cares what she does as long as everyone’s happy. My problem occurred when this person who seemed to know a lot about astrology made it clear that she did not know a lot about astronomy.

She was not aware that a full moon rises at sunset (and a full moon sets at sunrise). That in and of itself is OK, but its hard for me to comprehend someone who claims their future is written in the stars but doesn’t actually study the stars.

Seriously, if ‘Mercury retrograde’ is something real and if it happens at regular predictable intervals…why are you constantly surprised by it? Why don’t you prepare yourself for Mercury retrograde if its going to be so bad. No, you always realize in hindsight after your computer crashes that it must be Mercury retrograde, and you probably wont even bother to see if you are right. you’ll just place your future into the past’s hands.

If astrology is true, that means that there is no free will. everything is determined by how and where we were born. We are the victim or benefactor of forces beyond our control. We are but flotsam and jetsam on the seas of time and like gears in a machine or particles in an accelerator, our every action and aspect can be determined by the forces that have come before us. How utterly dis-empowering! And if you are trapped in this clockwork of fate, wouldn’t you study every aspect of it so you could somehow be ahead of the game.

Do you truly believe that chunks of rock and/or burning gas millions of light years away really effect who you are as a person?

Or how about this…? Space and time are connected as we all know, and looking out into the sky is really looking back into time…sooooo the nearest galaxy is 2.5 million light years away which means that it is giving us the astrological vibes of the time when the genus Homo first evolved from chimpanzees. Does astrology take into account the speed of light?

Astrology is deterministic theology.

I’m not saying there aren’t pieces of astrology that can be interesting, I’m just saying that first there is astronomy THEN there is astrology. At one point they were united and that might have been OK but lets face it, astrology without astronomy is like a science without substance. Its like regurgitating something you don’t understand. Its like believing a story without thinking about it. Oh wait, that’s pretty much like all religion.

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Didnt we fight a war against this family?


I came across this cover of People magazine the other day. On the cover is a picture of the grandson of the Queen of England. He has just completed one rotation around the sun.

I have a question… so freaking what!??!?

Seriously, didn’t we fight a war of “independence” against the British monarchy? Wasn’t our country founded after supposedly winning a war against King George? And now the future King George is on the cover of America’s weekly pop culture rag!!!

The only thing that makes this baby more “special” than any other baby is the fact that this baby has been raised from day one to believe that he is somehow better than everybody else because he was lucky enough to be born into the most successful family of murderers and pirates on Earth.

How can people in America give half a shit about the future king of England’s bath-time tantrums?  But then again, anyone dumb enough to read people magazine probably doesn’t know enough about anything to think twice about it. I am embarrassed to live in the same country as the people who read this crap.


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